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Welcome Goddess!

Your wisdom is growing within you, awaiting the moment you are ready to share with the world. Be inspired in your own wisdoms. Raise your vibration in sisterhood.

Be Empowered

Live the divine wisdoms of your soul

Be inspired to trust your own inner wisdom.

Raise your vibration with enhanced guidance of your own purpose.

Need to feel nurtured?

Feel alive with my Signature Healing session!

Vedic energy healing that will leave you feeling renewed and awakened with clarity.

Sacred Calling

Your wisdom is growing within you

Like a gem our journey is faceted and we shine brightest when we live out our dharma

Your destiny awaits the moment you are ready to share with the world.

I am here, and no longer hiding.

Nurturing The Home

Clear Away the old to make space for the new!

A Spiritual infusions of Energy Healing and Ghost Busting

Welcome Sisters

Celebrate and honor your body in this sacred ritual of dance with the Goddess Kali Ma

“You are the light that fell from the sky!”  ~ Wiesje Brion

People say that they wish we came with a manual. Well the fact of the matter is that we are imprinted with wisdoms, and clues to remind us of this. We have all that we need to improve our life no matter our karma or dharma or the life we were given.

You can have your path open to you as clear as day with the clearing the space in your own environment at home; holding space for the life you want. Sacred Empowerment supporting your emotional transformation. Vedic astrology enhances your spiritual path with clear vision. Vedic astrology is so profound, it’s life changing! 

I inspire you to look into your star map and see for yourself the profound revelations that are open to you.

What’s more is viewing your loved ones through your star map. Learn how you can better your relationships with each other as well as yourself.



“I learned about so much with Wiesje.  To make this short every time I go to Ayurbella I just feel so relaxed and it’s peaceful!  I’m definitely going back very soon!!  Wiesje THANK YOU!”



The beauty of life is made up of our purpose, of the little things in life that make us shine from within. You are a gift to this world. Understanding your purpose allows you direction. Our life moves in so many directions it’s good to have a reference point to look to for guidance. 


Clear away the old to make space for the new!  Space clearing is all about clearing the space energetically. ​It’s energy healing for your home. If your home feels like it’s been in a funk then it’s a good idea to break, move and clear the energy with some TLC energy healing. Great between sales as well,


Find your way to total bliss and a fulfilled life.  This program allows you to look deep into your soul, release what no longer serves your path, clear what holds you back from your purpose and bring you forward toward your true path of awakening. Learn the skills you need to trust your intuition in the most profound ways.

Sisters, Join Us In Sacred Circle…

Mother Moon requests your attendance at the Full Moon gatherings with your sisters while we celebrate her cycles within you.

Special requests for women ready to step up their relationships on the New Moon!

 She see’s you and wishes you to extend yourself in circle. Register for Events… 



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