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Jyotish Astrology

12  Month Course

Learn Vedic astrology for self, family and for your clients. Vedic astrology is unique in its approach. Self care of dharma and karma are critical in ones path and remedies are often needed to support in this journey. In this course you will learn how to read your chart and all that entails understanding the symbolisms of numerology, mythology and the stars.

Herbal essence. Alternative healthy medicine. Skin care. Essential oil or water dropping from fresh leaf to the bottle.

Aromatherapy Dosha Balance

2  Hour Class

Vata - Aether & Air

Pitta - Water & Fire

Kapha - Earth & Water

Aromatherapy to balance excess elements. Balancing all five elements is an art and can be supported with essential oils. You'll learn about several essential oils, common remedy solutions and how to use them, including recipes.

Cleaning procedures for the body. enema cleansing language, homeopathic pills and nasal irrigation

Dinacharya Healthy Daily Habits

3 1/3 Hour Workshop

This is a great class for yogis and everyone looking to improve their lifestyle from sleep to eating times to the perfect cleansing body practice. Seams easy enough but slight changes in your routine can make all the difference in your health. Prevent common ailments with Dinacharya a practice of healthy daily habits.

Ayurbella Healing Arts Center

My local live classes are a fun way to continue your personal practice with the inspiration of community. We meet at the Ayurbella sacred space in Vancouver Washington. RSVP on Meetup or Facebook

Female yoga figure in a transparent sphere, composed of four natural elements (water, fire, earth, air) as a concept for controlling emotions and power over nature.
Sacred Ceremony

Weekly Classes

Yogic practices in a group setting helps to inspire a collective motivation. Private and small group settings are available upon request.  A few classes to look forward to...

  • Kriya Yoga
  • Mudra & Mantra Sound Baths
  • Dosha Balancing Pranayama

Monthly Workshops

Join us for fun educational activities each month! Each month I co-host  Women's Sacred Red Tent where we learn to nurture ourselves as well as each other. I often co-host Wheel of The Year which celebrates the ancient agricultural practices of the holidays we know today. I also offer various Ayurvedic classes such as Dinacharya - Healthy Daily Habits, Cooking for Your Dosha, Aromatherapy Dosha Balance. Reiki I, II, III - Master class. Living Your Angelic Life is a Self Mastery 12 week class.

Seasonal Events

I get to collaborate with other practitioners for a full day of sharing our life's work with the community. During these very special events we offer discounted services and classes; sometimes free sessions. Some of the favorites I offer at these events is Marma Therapy, Vibrational Sound Bath, and Bio-Lift Facial.


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