I offer a variety of consultations to help you in different areas of your life from skincare to business mentoring. If you're here it means your looking for something.

What is it that you are looking for?   You feel lost, do you wonder what your purpose in life is?

The Calling

Most people find their way to me during a transition in their life, when the need for guidance has struck your path. No matter the stage in your life, you are here. 

Am I equipped to help you? Well, that answer has to be answered by you. Are we the right fit; is the determining factor for us moving forward and can be determined during a 30 minute free introductory consultation. Then we can determine together the what, why, where, and how's of it all. 

The first consult is free. It is 3o minutes and can be done over the phone or in person. It is recommended that you send me your birth date, time and place so that I can examine your life map chart.

What Consultation Is Right For Me

Choose from the type of guidance that you are looking for below, then read more on the individual page or schedule for your free consultation. Please send you r birth date, time, and place before the day of your introductory consultation. 



Developing your Inner Wisdoms

Are you in search of developing your intuition for personal growth and/or for business?

Are you hearing the call to host events and need a bit of or a lot of guidance on how to make your dreams happen?

First 30 minute consultation is free to determines your needs.

Additional consultation: $350 Includes weekly homework, Monthly Mastermind, and challenge busters.

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Skincare Consult

Naturopathic Remedies

Are you looking for a holistic way into healing your skin?

Are you willing to make big changes to see that happen?

You may need a new skincare plan/regime or adjustments to your nutrition.

Fist time is 2 Hour Session: Initial 30 minute consult includes skin analysis, consult on your skins needs, and your well-Astro mapping. 90 minutes Facial $150. Products not included.

Additional Visits includes adjustment of protocol and home care tips                     ~ 75 minute Custom Facial/$110                             ~ 45 minute Maintenance Facial/$65

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We live a lifetime of bad habits and often times without even noticing them. Explore new ways to live your healthiest life. A holistic approach to daily living with the understanding of the five elements.

First visit is 2 Hour Session: 30 minute free introductory consultation plus your 90 minutes Lifestyle consult/$300 Includes.

$190/1.5 Hour session includes bodywork.

Additional Visits: $124/50 minute consult to analyze life map and adjust health regime. 

Jyotish, star, light, planets, Vedic astrology

Finding Purpose & Healing Karma

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the key to the doors of opportunity and understanding planetary expression in your soul can give you a peek into the windows of you. Can help with all aspects of your life.

First time is 2 Hour session: Initial 30 minute free consult, plus 90 minutes/$150. 

1 free annual consult, $124 for additional astrol readings.

Next Steps...

Don't wait another second, your calling awaits!