Vedic Studies

Local Teachings

Wiesje shares her knowledge of the veda's in local yoga studios who wish to expand their knowledge in the branches of it's sister science Ayurveda. She currently offers classes and workshop on Dinacharya ~ Healthy Daily Habits, Kapalabhati, Aromatherapy for Your Dosha, and an extensive Jyotish program for those interested in the art of Vedic astrology. She holds seasonal workshops and monthly classes at her studio Ayurbella shared with several other incredible practitioners.

Community Healing Center


Ayurbella Wellness Spa & Meditation Studio is a center for practice and communal healing.

Wiesje supports practitioners of many years to expand their horizon and teach the community what they expertly practice. Join the community for seasonal workshops and monthly classes at Ayurbella guided by incredible practitioners.

Expert Writer


A well known platform for holistic living advice from experts in their perspective fields. Wiesje has been given the opportunity to write about Ayurveda. Be sure to keep an eye out for her articles and many other acclaimed advisors.

Magazine Editor

Mindful Magazine

Mindful: Mind*Body*Wellness digital magazine was founded by Wiesje and her friend Sheila Strubel. Providing a platform for many up-and-coming experts sharing and creating better ways of life with natural tips to empower a life of holistic living. Live interviews and book reviews were a hot topic and can still be found today. Mindful magazine has thee original copies for your continued enjoyment through issuu a digital publication.

As Editor Wiesje established many long standing connections all over the world with authors, entrepreneurs and wellness powerhouses. She has often been asked as a contributing guest writer for other platforms of holistic lifestyle awareness.Her writing style continues to cultivate an international blog following. As she has time she will continue on her own blog but to catch her best work connect to her newsletter where you can get insider tips and updates on what she is up to. Who knows, you may see her writings in other magazines in the near future. Quite possible a book or two in the making.

Wellness Contributor

Wellness Directory

During Wiesje's earlier years in the business she provided various articles of wisdom on holistic care from skincare in Oncology to Ayurveda wellness. As a contributing writer she began to find a new love in her work which would eventually lead her into co-creating a magazine. Find some of her original work here

Holistic Wellness Spa & Skincare

Spa Of The Earth

Wiesje's first business was a quaint wellness spa. Developed from her product line to facials and waxing. She went on to enhance her skills in the arts of Lash Extensions, Threading and Oncology Aesthetics training. In her love of Ayurveda she would continue to explore it's many gifts and incorporate these; Spa Body care, Panchakarma, Dinacharya, Nutrition and Cooking for Self Healing, Marma Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Pulse and Tongue Analysis, and Vedic Astrology. Ayurveda Has since been her inspiration.