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Aromatic Skincare

Luxurious All Natural Skincare & Remedies infused with ancient magical ingredient blends. Partake in our very specially created body and skincare, flower essence, astral gemstone remedies, elixirs, herbals and...

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Body & Skin Treatments

Naturopathic  Oncology  Ayurveda

Schedule your all-natural luxurious session of body and skincare customized with non-invasive machines for deep penetration of product and cellular stimulation.

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Vedic Studies & Practice

Ayurveda & Yoga hold the secrets of life. Ayurveda means knowledge of life while Yoga means union; from with-in to all. Practice with us for true connection of mind-body-spirit and the senses to find our way from this life to total bliss.

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A Visit To Dream Of

Wiesje is a talented practitioner with a long history of finding natures secrets and sharing them in the most unique ways. Many lab created luxurious lines have found her competition. She's found that nature has its own gentle collaboration.

Knowing lifes' secrets is a powerful practice. Becoming ONE, uniting in nature is the secret to bliss. Bliss in a world of inner struggles waiting to accept ones purpose opens personal evolution. It is a practice shared by ancients and when infused in remedies we can partake in momentary bliss.

Our online boutique and online classes have been desired worldwide. Private sessions with Wiesje have been said to inspire a magical commence of personal growth and healing.


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