Growth Occurs When We Face Our Deepest Challenges

Are you living your best life?

Are you in the middle of a transition in your life with little to no direction?

Are you willing to do what it takes to improve your wellness-being?

Whether you want to improve your healthy lifestyle or want find your passion, Wiesje can help you see where you are on your path and explore with you opportunities that are meant for you to grow in. 


Vedic Practice

Sacred Practices

From Wellness Lifestyle to Spiritual Progression Ayurveda & Yoga hold the secrets of life. Ayurveda means knowledge of life while Yoga means union; from with-in to all. Practice with us for true connection of mind-body-spirit and the senses to find our way from this life to total bliss.


Jyotish & Lifestyle

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

A lifestyle consultation can offer yo insight on how to better improve your overall health. 

For deep evolution I recommend a Vedic Astrology reading to give you insight on your stars; karma, purpose, and remedies.

Vedic Astrology & Well Lifestyle...

Body & Skincare

Wellness Spa

Naturopathic ~ Oncology ~ Ayurveda

Schedule your all-natural luxurious rejuvenating session of body and skincare customized with non-invasive techniques to heal the largest organ of the body. For deep cellular healing schedule an energy healing session.

Wellness Spa...

Online Boutique

Online Classes & Skincare

Luxurious All Natural Skincare & Remedies infused with ancient magical ingredient blends. Partake in our very specially created body and skincare, and other products; flower essence, astral gemstone remedies, elixirs, herbals,  and online classes.

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Why wait to live the life you desire!

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