Dosha Rejuvenation

1 1/2 Hour | $190
Ayurvedic combination of healing oils (Abhyanga) or herbal scrub (Udvartana), aromatic steam (Svedana), vibrational sound therapy may include tuning forks or singing bowl, Basti for pain relief or Shirodhara for deep blissful relaxation.


1 Hour | $65

Hot herbal oil is applied to a specific area located on the body bordered with chickpea dough. Choose neck, spine, chest & heart, stomach, low back, or knees.


Lymphatic Drainage

2 Hour  |  $220.00

1 Hour  |  $110.00

Gently awakens the body's natural intelligence to detox through lymphatic system. MLD and Marma therapy creates a deeper level of awakening in the body's subtle layers, enhanced with crystals and tuning forks.

Paraffin Therapy

1 Hour | $65

Hot paraffin is one of the best thermotherapies for various conditions of the bones and nervous system, and especially to soften the skin.



Seaweed Wrap & Steam

1 1/2 Hour | $190
Mineral rich mud cocooned with herbal steam, and moisturizer massaged into skin.

Anti-age Cellulite Detox

1 1/2 Hour | $190
Dry brushing, serum and non-invasive therapy to minimize and prevent cellulite, and encourage detoxification.


Arm Pits - $22
Half Legs - $45
Brazilian - $75
Half Legs & Brazilian - $110
Full Legs & Brazilian - $145

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