The ultimate energy healing session combining all of my lightworks in one session.

Signature Energy Healing

- Ayurveda
- Angelic Support
- Spiritual Guidance
- Prayer
- Intuitive Guidance
-  Shamanic
- Usui Reiki
- Marma Therapy
- Planetary Energy
- Singing Bowls
- Tuning Forks
​- Kundalini
- Mediation
- Chakra Balance
- Sacred Ritual

Marma Therapy

This Vedic medicine touches on all levels of body and soul with the pressure points gently and firmly pressed to release stagnation of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional stress, especially crystallization. Included with the Marma principals is vibrational tuning forks and crystal medicine.

Reiki Medicine

This sacred, divine loving light energy maximizes the benefit from universal energy. Reiki provides both hands-on healing and distance healing techniques, and has been found to bring deep relaxation, pain relief, release from stress, acceleration of healing, increased energy and creativity, most of all a general sense of well-being.