Spirit Guides Us In The Most Profound Ways. 

The freedom to choose the life you desire is a what you deserve and yet you might feel it is all out of your control sometimes; out of reach or that we need some sort of approval or permission. This is only a belief that has prevented you from seeing your true potential. Knowing what you want for yourself is the ultimate key to fulfilment.

Aligning to your own source is a powerfully freeing and true devotion to self and the path to your self realization awakens; something even deeper than you could have ever imagined for yourself.

Choose to understand your path and become the master of your existance...


How To Work With Me

One on one sessions are currently available by appointment on zoom.

Divine Guidance

Expand your intuitive connection

In these one-on-one sessions you will benefit from a deeper sense of your own intuition as you explore your own sacredness of the divine feminine. Your brilliance comes from a place of deep spiritual connection inward. I'll help you navigate out of stuckness and into higher knowing. This experience affords you a profound level of awakening of your own truths and empowerment of such.

You’ll gain tools that can easily incorporate into your personal daily routine to improve your lifestyle and business. 

These sessions are on zoom and are catered to your needs.

Spirit Energetics

This services is for the removal of negative energy or entities, to help souls cross over, protect an environment and bring in blessings of a pure light essence of peace.

Healing Your Property


Your sacred domain is more that a location but should feel like home, and should feel fresh and clean so you can function at your peak. As energy comes and goes there's often a lingering of residual energy that builds up over time. Your home needs just as much energetic clearing as it does physically, maybe even more.


Follow your intuition towards deeper attuned alignment to live fully on your soul path.

Whether you are exploring your divinity within through our monthly gatherings or taking your first steps into aligning your divine energy, or mastering your talents and strengths in Shakti Awakens this is your journey to expand deeper into your souls journey. Invite your partner to couples enrichment.

Rejuvenate Your Purpose


The discovery of the Self is a journey that continues to evolve. Understanding the root of who you are gives light to the path you choose. An abundance of tools are given to help you through the various stages of your life, and help you redirect towards your highest and best outcomes.



Illuminate Your Soul Energy


Align With Your Divine Energy!

 You deserve to feel energized while you're busy making your dreams happen! The best part of this course is that you'll gain clarity on how to best nurture yourself.


Enliven Your Passions For Each Other


Once you see the world through the philosophy of the divine femenine you will feel a calling to nurture your love in a whole new way. Tantra is an intuitive way of finding each other again and with more deeper understanding, compassion, and passion.



The Power of Three

Charmed comes to mind when I think of the power of three. There's a lot of truth in the tv series, not all of it but it defiantly nods to truths to the universe. The power of three is actually a universal law that states that when we claim something three times it...

Enlightenment With Mother Earth

The path to enlightenment has been a topic of discussion lately. I'd like to discuss this further by focussing on each path for each dharma. This blog is an extension of Enlightenment Your Way The Way Of The Earth Spirit Earth beings are hard workers, leisurely and...

Rise Above This

The response we choose creates the life we want. I had a dream that my booked chiropractor appointments got somehow pushed off the schedule so they had no availability for me for 3 weeks. A chiropractor I see weekly and now I would not see for most of the month! The...

How are we to treat others?

"There are no others. ~ Ramana Maharshi

Emotional Exhaustion From Overload

We so often are tired not from lack of sleep but because we have over exhausted our brain from daily anxieties based on fears that may not be real in the present. Without spiraling too deep in the process of the anatomy of the brain I just want to say that it is...

Sound Benefits The Nervous System

Sound is tool of communication. Vibration is a language that our existence knows and reacts to in ways we may not be conscious to. Understanding this language for healing is a gift we can learn to communicate to our own body and mind. In fact while listening to the...

Mythology Is A Way of Seeing Ourselves Detached From Our Own Mess

When we look at mythology we see stories of warnings. Tales of love and tragedy. I encourage you to look a little closer. To relate to each character as if these stories are about you and your life. What does this bring up for you? Do you feel instant resistance,...

The Dark Moon

Letter from The Dark Moon... Take pause my dear sweet one. You have done well. As we end one cycle I ask that you be present with what you have accomplished so that we can integrate all that has shown up for you this past cycle. As we sit to absorb all that we have...

When The Goddess Comes To You In Mysterious Ways

Beyond the triple Goddess there is a journey with a/or many of the Goddesses in your lifetime that will awaken something in you as a woman. It is in our archetypes that we find connection but what if you feel as though you do not relate to any of the Goddesses out...