A Women’s Path to Spirituality with Wiesje Brion

“One of the most precious gifts I can give is the ability to help you see yourself for who you are.” ~Wiesje

Live The Divine Wisdoms of your soul

Sacred Goddess Empowerment

As we search for our purpose in life, we hope for guidance to confirm our passions and desires because these are the inspirations that motivate a happy life. And why shouldn’t they! With my guidance, you can find the clarity you need for your journey to make sense, and most importantly give you support that is uniquely yours.
 You deserve to gain a deeper sense of your own intuition and explore your own sacredness.
 With these one-on-one sessions you’ll learn tools to incorporate into your own personal daily spiritual practice.

sacred offerings

Nurture More Of Your Life

Couples Enrichment

Couples Enrichment Coaching
Enrich your love connection with couples coaching! Uncover an intimate understanding of one another and a powerful practice to enhance and extend your love life.

Couples Workshop
A Celebration Awaits!
Continue your practice as a couple. New Moon Date Night is an evening with your partner, while gaining a few tools to enrich the strength of your bond.

Sacred Space Clearing

Clear away the old to make space for the new!  Space clearing is all about clearing the space energetically.  It’s energy healing for your home. If your home feels like it’s been in a funk then it’s a good idea to break, move and clear the energy with some TLC energy healing. Great between sales as well,

Temple Events & Retreats

Be in comfort and joy. Discover tips on how to care for yourself and learn to create your own sacred practices. Learn about the maiden, the mother, and the crone within. Get to know your sisters through dance, and a bit of vocal release. Sisterhood is always a joy and friendships are often nurtured here. Be willing and open to receive as mother Goddess whispers to you during sacred ceremony.



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