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Welcome Divine Goddess!

Imagine full alignment with your divine purpose.

As you awaken your divine lineage you will attain abundance with ease in your life. Sacred Conscious Living allows you to grow on your time in your own way. As you become open to your divine truth you will desire a conscious lifestyle supporting your tuest essence. You are a Light Goddess. Own It! Embrace your truth.

Live The Divine Wisdoms of Your Soul

Sacred Temple

Sacred Goddess Temple

Feminine Path to Spirituality

A united sisiterhood is a powerful force to be recon with! Your own uniqueness is best supported in the sacred space of diversity. No matter your religious beliefs we are all spiritual by nature and guided by a higher calling. Together we bring rise to a world that praises compassion and celebrated diversity.

Welcome Goddess

Beloved sisters, for centuries women’s gatherings have been honored as a safe space for self discovery and ancestral healing, and empowerment through the bond of sisterhood. 

You are a goddess in your own right.

Now is the time to embrace your divine gifts, to be heard and witnessed in your truth and your unique journey. You are a force to be recon with!

Sacred Goddess Temple

Commmunity Facebook Group

A free memership for women who know the power of unity and connection and desire to share support with our international online sisterhood! The bond of women is a powerful thing.

Goddess Love


“I attended a moon circle when I first got here. I felt so warmly welcomed by Devi and everyone in the circle. She really sets an intention to support women on their journey and it is palpable. I felt comfortable being me, there. The experience was a pleasant fusion of going within in, looking at what was up for us, sharing it, reflecting on it, combined with movement, laughter, aromatherapy, chocolate, and connection. The experience was nurturing on many levels. Devi Wiesje carries deep wisdom and deep compassion. I am so happy to have met her and found her studio. She is also deeply supportive of women on their journey both personal and in business. I love the Vedic readings! Wiesje’s temple is worth the experience.” ~Michele Pedersen


Live The Divine Wisdoms of Your Soul

The Sacred Conscious Coaching


Living with the emotional and spiritual awareness of your gifts in this world is brave and yet challenging all alone. I commend you on taking the road less traveled. You my dear are here because you know what this means.

You’ve been praying for the support and guidance to hone your divine calling. Here is your opportunity to recieve personal sessions to support you as you lean into your spiritual life purpose. Become even more present with your gifts with techniques specicific to your spiritual comfort and beliefs. These sessions help guide the mystisism within you to gain a deeper awareness to your higher Self and your sacred connection. Customized for personal and business coaching. Schedule in advance.


Live The Divine Wisdoms of Your Soul

Sacred Wisdoms

Why The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Important To Me And Why I’m Disturbed That It’s Not Important To More People

Yes of course all lives matter. Yes of course not all cops are bad cops. Yes not all black peoples are innocent. But don’t these discriminative segregation concern you? We are not the judge or jury. we are by standers, and the level of our awareness needs some work....

Refinement of Ketu

Feeling outside the bubble of Coronavirus? You may already be ready for the spiritual transformation…

Emotional Exhaustion From Overload

We so often are tired not from lack of sleep but because we have over exhausted our brain from daily anxieties based on fears that may not be real in the present. Without spiraling too deep in the process of the anatomy of the brain I just want to say that it is...

Enlightenment With Mother Earth

The path to enlightenment has been a topic of discussion lately. I'd like to discuss this further by focussing on each path for each dharma. This blog is an extension of Enlightenment Your Way The Way Of The Earth Spirit Earth beings are hard workers, leisurely and...

Enlightenment Your Way

It's an interesting topic. Enlightenment. It means so many different things to all kinds of people. And yet, it's also one of those words that is lost on so many. Why is that? The truth of the matter is that it IS different for many. It's something that can't be found...

What It’s Like To Be Held In Ceremony

Our nourishing practice of self development is an eclectic sacredness. Play with us! On your quest to be whole and aligned with your higher wisdom we must first ground-in to mother Earth and trust in her ever nurturing gaia-dance (guidance). In...

Couples Sensual Acupressure

It's official! We are now offering couples classes. This one's a special Valentine treat. We set the mood so plan on bringing your partner on this lovely date. I am leading you and your loved one into sweet serenity with gentle meditative responses to engage you and...

Death Is As Short-Lived As Parenthood

In the game of life we rest before we work, we work before we mourn, we mourn before we realize the it was not mourning but a transformation into something new. We only mourn because we do not understand that to make way for the new we must first let go of the old, no...

The Blue Moon Croning Ceremony

On the Leo moon and second blue moon of the year my dear friend and mentor Lori will be hosting a Croning Ceremony in honor of the local women who are ready to follow their inner wise and wild wisdoms.  I can say with genuine honesty that Lori is a true Goddess of the...

Cancer Full Moon Resolutions

With the energies of 2018 beginning with Cancer Full Moon it sets the tone for this year. We become open in ways we previously resisted sharing and in many ways we hide in protection of these vulnerable expressions. The moon in cancer can be moody, she knows what she...

On The Edge Of The Unexpected

It’s been my experience that many oracles show you what’s right in front of you to give clarity to your life, sometimes clarity isn’t obvious and can often leave the client scared to stay on their path. Good counsel is going to support you in keeping the faith when...



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