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A Women’s Path to Spirituality with Wiesje Brion

One of the most precious gifts I can give is the ability to help you see yourself for who you are.

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Our Full Moon Ceremony is by love donation. It gives you a chance to experience working with me. People say that they wish we were born with a manual. Well the fact of the matter is that we are imprinted with wisdoms, and clues to remind us of our true nature. We have all that we need to improve our life no matter our karma or dharma or the life we were given. We are innately guided. We just need to remember how to listen.

Dharma Consultation

Get clarity about your purpose! Learn about your dharma in a useful and profound way that helps not only you but those around you. Gain the perspective youv’e been searching for. A great anniversary gift for couples.

Sacred Goddess Empowerment

Develop a deeper sense of your own intuition and exploring your own sacredness with this one-on-one session. You’ll learn tools to incorporate into your own personal daily spiritual practice..

Feminine Enlightenment

The most gentle way to guide you through your own divine temple is through guided meditation, movement, and your senses to releasing stubborn blocks. Enlighten your path paved with sacredness


Our Students Love Us

“I had the chance to visit Wiesje. The session was fantastic, the energy is perfectly set for calm, nurturing and healing. After Wiesje worked on me I was pain free. She is the real deal. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” Dawn Gill

Property Manager

“She really sets an intention to support women on their journey and it is palpable. I felt comfortable being me. The experience was nurturing on many levels. Devi carries deep wisdom and deep compassion.” Michele Pedersen

Yogini Doula, Massage Therapist

“Great healing space with an abundance of knowledge and support. Vedic Astrology is amazing and accurate, ground, center, relax, energize, self reflect and find direction all in the…” Myra


“I’ve learned so much with Wiesje! To make this short every time I go to to her I just feel so at peace. I’m definitely going back very soon!  Wiesje THANK YOU!” Brittany Martinson


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Feeling lost, looking for your spiritual, witchy, fairy goddess tribe? You’ve found us!



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