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Do You Want To Be In Love With Your Life?

What If It Was As Easy As The Reflection Of Your Response To Life? 

Hello, my name is Wiesje (Vīzjuh)! I am so honored to be your guide as we bring you closer to who you are and your dream life.

So much has evolved for us all over the past few years. For me, I closed my wellness center Ayurbella to spend more time with my family a few months before the pandemic, little did I know I would not be opening it up again in the near future. It seems like a big deal but the timing felt right, and now I am offering all the wisdoms that I’ve accuried from my years in the wellness industry so that you can live YOUR BEST LIFE!

Enough about me. Lets talk about YOU!

Want to learn more about my journey…

Did You Know That Everything Communicates Through Vibration, Even You?!


If you are living your best life; totally aligned with universal law and in tune with your own unique energetic vibration communicating with the universe on the daily, and you have a very clear path in your daily life then this is probably a great opportunity for you to be open minded to what you may not know and what could elevate your next chapter with ease and grace. And…

If you desire to understand your unique language with the your guides then you are in for an adventure into the awakening into why you are meant to live your desired life and how you can tap deeper into the whispers of your divine calling.

How To Work With Me

Align Your Divine Energetic Light!

Do you want more “aha” moments in your daily life?   More YES moments, maybe?   How about more confirmation from the universe?!   If you are looking for more from your life, more aetheric confirmation than you are in the right place. Come follow your intuition towards more understanding of your unique vibrational language, learn to follow the messages, and properly ask for your desires to your hearts content!

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This is a five day workshop where we explore several different energetic types. This gives you an opportunity to experience my energy to see if we are a good match! You will recognize your energy type however, you may recieve a free email reading of your energetic type prior to the workshop so you can follow along.

The best part of this workshop that you get a few remedies on how best to better nurture your energy.

Annual Programs

Follow your intuition towards deeper attuned alignment on your path to live fully in the sacred wisdoms of your soul.

Rejuvenate Your Purpose


The discovery of the Self is a journey that continues to evolve. Understanding the root of who you are gives light to the path you choose. An abundance of tools are given to help you through the various stages of your life.

Healing Your Home


Your home is your sacred domain and should feel fresh and clean so you can function at your peak. As energy comes and goes theres often a lingering of residual energy that builds up over time. Your home needs just as much energetic clearing as it does physically, maybe even more.

Couples Coaching


Once you see the world through the philosophy of the divine femenine you will feel a calling to nurture your love in a whole new way. Tantra is an intuitive way of finding each other again and with more deeper understanding, compassion, and passion.

Rise Above This

The response we choose creates the life we want. I had a dream that my booked chiropractor appointments got somehow pushed off the schedule so they had no availability for me for 3 weeks. A chiropractor I see weekly and now I would not see for most of the month! The...

Emotional Exhaustion From Overload

We so often are tired not from lack of sleep but because we have over exhausted our brain from daily anxieties based on fears that may not be real in the present. Without spiraling too deep in the process of the anatomy of the brain I just want to say that it is...

Sound Benefits The Nervous System

Sound is tool of communication. Vibration is a language that our existence knows and reacts to in ways we may not be conscious to. Understanding this language for healing is a gift we can learn to communicate to our own body and mind. In fact while listening to the...

Enlightenment With Mother Earth

The path to enlightenment has been a topic of discussion lately. I'd like to discuss this further by focussing on each path for each dharma. This blog is an extension of Enlightenment Your Way The Way Of The Earth Spirit Earth beings are hard workers, leisurely and...

The Dark Moon

Letter from The Dark Moon... Take pause my dear sweet one. You have done well. As we end one cycle I ask that you be present with what you have accomplished so that we can integrate all that has shown up for you this past cycle. As we sit to absorb all that we have...

A Reflection Of The Soul

Your Birth Chart Is Your Own Personal Blueprint Astrology when done right offers you a guide to refer to when you are feeling doubt or lost of direction. A look at your chart every so often can offer reassurance knowing that you have a variety of opportunities to...

How are we to treat others?

"There are no others. ~ Ramana Maharshi

Cancer Full Moon Resolutions

With the energies of 2018 beginning with Cancer Full Moon it sets the tone for this year. We become open in ways we previously resisted sharing and in many ways we hide in protection of these vulnerable expressions. The moon in cancer can be moody, she knows what she...

Waning Crescent Mindset

It's an inspiring time to set your intentions to go inward after the excitements of the Full Moon. Observe your energy the next few days. What is your body and mind asking of you? Do you need to rest? Do you want to be at easy? Adjust your schedule accordingly. Allow...