Live the Divine Wisdoms of Your Soul; A Woman’s Path to Spirituality


A personal session just for you. A private session allows you to to be even more vulnerable and share in the comfort and privacy just between you and me. These sessions help guide your deeper connection to Self and your higher powers. Customize for personal and business coaching.


Live The Divine Wisdoms of Your Soul

Sacred Temple

Sacred Goddess Temple

   Triple Goddess Moon

Connect with the pantheon of the triple Goddess mythology; an inspiration engaging ones own life path.

Sacred Goddess Temple

   Triple Goddess Moon

Guided by the Goddess within. Be deeply present in your desire to connect deeply with divine intuitition. 

Sacred Goddess Temple

Triple Goddess Temple

Moon cycle magic reminds us to be present with our transformation. 

Sacred Divine Temple

Dive Deep Into Transformation

An empowering sisterhood shifting emotional blocks. This is an intermediate exploration into the depths of the psyche and the power of healing we hold within ourselves.

Sacred Divine Temple

Dive Deep Into Transformation

Transformative empowerment through the subtle vibrational energies of the minor and major chakras.

Sacred Divine Temple

Dive Deep Into Transformation

Be deeply present in your desire to shift and elevate. Guided by the Goddess within, empowering sisterly-trust with presence of embodiment through subtle body energies.

Conscious Living

Science of Life & The Universal Language

Embodying the practice within daily life. Implement the medicines of the feminine divine to align your mind, body, and spirit toward divine awakening.

Conscious Living

Science of Life & The Universal Language

Attune with the laws of the universe. A medicinal practice to support deeper personal and spiritual evolution. An advanced program implienting Self-realization

Conscious Living

Science of Life & The Universal Language

Embrace healthy habits to support your transformative awakening. Implement a healthy practice of Ayurvedic medicine to align your mind, body, and spirit to your divine awakening.

Couples Enrichment

Couple Dharma

Your relationship is worth nurturing the love you have for one another. Explore a deeper connection together as you discover how your spiritual path is uniquely linked for success. This blend of sacred wisdom and practical exercises is life altering.

Couples Enrichment

Science of Life & The Universal Language

Your relationship is worth nurturing the love you have for one another. Explore a deeper connection together as you discover how your spiritual path is uniquely linked for success. This blend of sacred wisdom and practical exercises is life altering.

Goddess Love


“I attended a moon circle when I first got here. I felt so warmly welcomed by Devi and everyone in the circle. She really sets an intention to support women on their journey and it is palpable. I felt comfortable being me, there. The experience was a pleasant fusion of going within in, looking at what was up for us, sharing it, reflecting on it, combined with movement, laughter, aromatherapy, chocolate, and connection. The experience was nurturing on many levels. Devi Wiesje carries deep wisdom and deep compassion. I am so happy to have met her and found her studio. She is also deeply supportive of women on their journey both personal and in business. I love the Vedic readings! Wiesje’s temple is worth the experience.” ~Michele Pedersen


Sacred Goddess Temple

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I offer fun activities for us to play with in our Facebook group that encourages our practice.

Support A Cause


Ayurbella’s Vancouver Healing Faire is going online!

Each month we host an online offering from a variety of Healer’s to give you the support you need.

Try something new and fun to implement into your daily self-care! 

If you are in the healing community and would like to offer our Goddess community your healing practice join our Sacred Goddess Guest Speaker Program! Part of the proceeds goes to a cause of your choice.

Creating Intentional Spaces

A Meditation for Your Home

by Paula Nuspl, Intuive Designer & Holistic Home Healer

July 25th 2020 6pm

Paula has over 20 year of experience as an Interior Decorator, and integrates spiritual healing with you to create an environment of sacredness for self-healing.

Sex Magic Ritual For Soothing The Soul

and a ritual to honor the summer solstice!

JUNE 20, 2020

Sex Magic is a potent way to honor yourself, self-care, nourish your nervous system, resource in pleasure, and strengthen yourself.
Sex Magic can help you on a deep level to connect with yourself, your truth, and your system. 


We are in a historical moment of evolution.

Healers have the potential to be leaders for change in the world. Whether it’s here or on your platform we encourage you to support movements of positive change.

I invite you to offer your creative genius in the honor of your favorite cause towards evolution.


Why The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Important To Me And Why I’m Disturbed That It’s Not Important To More People

Yes of course all lives matter. Yes of course not all cops are bad cops. Yes not all black peoples are innocent. But don’t these discriminative segregation concern you? We are not the judge or jury. we are by standers, and the level of our awareness needs some work....

Refinement of Ketu

Feeling outside the bubble of Coronavirus? You may already be ready for the spiritual transformation…

The Dark Moon

Letter from The Dark Moon... Take pause my dear sweet one. You have done well. As we end one cycle I ask that you be present with what you have accomplished so that we can integrate all that has shown up for you this past cycle. As we sit to absorb all that we have...

Cancer Full Moon Resolutions

With the energies of 2018 beginning with Cancer Full Moon it sets the tone for this year. We become open in ways we previously resisted sharing and in many ways we hide in protection of these vulnerable expressions. The moon in cancer can be moody, she knows what she...

How are we to treat others?

"There are no others. ~ Ramana Maharshi

The Blue Moon Croning Ceremony

On the Leo moon and second blue moon of the year my dear friend and mentor Lori will be hosting a Croning Ceremony in honor of the local women who are ready to follow their inner wise and wild wisdoms.  I can say with genuine honesty that Lori is a true Goddess of the...

Enlightenment With Mother Earth

The path to enlightenment has been a topic of discussion lately. I'd like to discuss this further by focussing on each path for each dharma. This blog is an extension of Enlightenment Your Way The Way Of The Earth Spirit Earth beings are hard workers, leisurely and...

Enlightenment Your Way

It's an interesting topic. Enlightenment. It means so many different things to all kinds of people. And yet, it's also one of those words that is lost on so many. Why is that? The truth of the matter is that it IS different for many. It's something that can't be found...

Flora As Remedy

Dew of flora holds the healing property of the flower itself and as we know the memory of water mimics the same vibration it touches; the essence of the flora hold vibrational frequency known to be a complementary alternative treatment and remedy to our emotional...

Mythology Is A Way of Seeing Ourselves Detached From Our Own Mess

When we look at mythology we see stories of warnings. Tales of love and tragedy. I encourage you to look a little closer. To relate to each character as if these stories are about you and your life. What does this bring up for you? Do you feel instant resistance,...

Couples Sensual Acupressure

It's official! We are now offering couples classes. This one's a special Valentine treat. We set the mood so plan on bringing your partner on this lovely date. I am leading you and your loved one into sweet serenity with gentle meditative responses to engage you and...



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