Devi Wiesje

Your Guide To Sacred Wisdoms

Devi Wiesje supports your lifestyle in developing a healthier version of your intuitive alignment through the sacred practices of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Full Moon Women's Temple

"She really sets an intention to support wome on their journey and its palpable. I felt comfortable being me. The experience is nurturing on many levels. Devi Wiesje carries deep wisdom and deep compassion." ~ Michele

Conscious Living

Embrace healthy habits to support your transformative awakening. Implement a healthy practice of Ayurvedic medicine to align your mind, body, and spirit to your divine awakening.

Sacred Divine Temple

Your Sacred Divine practice is guided by the Goddess within. Be deeply present in your desire to elevate. A deeper monthly practice than Full Moon Temple to connect you with the teachings of Kali, Durga, Lakshmi and your own intuitive sacred wisdoms.

Sacred Goddess Day

A special day for our VIP clients who are not afraid of diving deep and moving through a higher awareness of being.

Dive Deep Into Transformation

Sacred one-on-one sessions allows you personal transformation with Devi Wiesje. Be present with your journey as she guides your personal evolution to intuitive awakening.

My Mission 

It is my journey to hold space in a way that only allows you the container to play and offer you tools to play with as you allow yourself to expand your comfort to be fully YOU.

It is also important to my mission that I show you how to do this through a collective practice of boundaries and compassion. As we move through life we will continue to face the challenges of the past but with new skills we can percieve and observe and choose to react in different ways. 

My Story

I have studied and practice many various healing modalities from modern Psychology to vedic astrology. Professionally I have been a holistic wellness spa owner with a background in Ayurveda, herbalism, nutrition and homeopathy, and oncology-trained esthetician. I have an expansive background as an energy healer which has been my true love and keeps me close to the Oneness of us all, which includes my love for vedic studies also better known as Ayurveda and Yoga.

In group practices I share the robust collection of daily practices that help to serve you in the life of the healed one. 


Sacred Goddess Temple

I am so glad that we found each other! Sacred Goddess Temple is a woman’s spiritual playground where we learn together, bond with each other, and raise each other up. I am so honored to hold space for you in this shared sacred community of women. We are each on a very special sacred journey of awakening. While we are all on our own individual path’s, we can also support each other as a sacred community of sisterhood; thus, Sacred Goddess Temple is our sacred space for women to step in more fully and brave your evolution on a whole new level of self-awareness as we self examine our innate feminine gifts, our individual service to the world and heal the pattern of karma’s that no longer serve our journey. I welcome you to play with us, explore with us and evolve with us in a journey of self-realization.   



I can remember some of my first memories of praying to heavenly mother, and talking to my parents that if there’s a heavenly father then there is definitely a heavenly mother. For me there was really no question, only that if others were experiencing what I was, because it seemed as though they were disconcerted which seemed as though it was self inflicted isolation. As far as I can remember, I already had a connection with both heavenly mother and heavenly father. In fact, I remember that there was no disconnect unless I wanted more space, it was a distance that I created and they would continue to over see me from afar.

As we try to make sense of this world we are in and move from observance to getting involved with others, we may feel the connectivity to them and even extend to holding space and feeling what they may be feeling.  And then, their troubles become ours.

As a young child this can be a big job. As an adult we can easily loose sight with why we are here. Is it to help other by holding their pain, or is it to hold my own and show others how it’s done? I finally remembered that it is the later. I am here to remind you of why you are here and help you see youself for who you truely are; A Goddess in a beautiful Temple body reflecting to the world your Sacred Wisdoms.


Ayurbella Sacred Space

I have create a space to play in and I offer this space for you to hold your own community celebrations.

Ask me how you can make this happen for yourself.



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