Conscious Living

Embrace healthy habits to support your everyday lifestyle. Implement a practice based on the science of life; a spiritually medicinal approach to align your mind, body, and spirit to your divine bliss.

Goddess Love

"She really sets an intention to support women on their journey and its palpable. I felt comfortable being me. The experience is nurturing on many levels. Devi Wiesje carries deep wisdom and deep compassion." ~ Michele P.

Devi Wiesje

Guiding You To Your Sacred Bliss

I am honored to create a sacred temple retreat for womxn to experience a blissful healing escape as we rekindle the feminine intuitive nature.

Conscious Couple Enrichment

Your relationship is worth nurturing the love you have for one another. Explore a deeper connection together as you discover how your spiritual path is uniquely linked for success. This blend of sacred wisdom and practical exercises is life altering.

Sacred Goddess Temple

Triple Goddess Moon

Temple ceremony awakens the power of intuition as we taps into the wisdoms of the cycles and patterns of nature we can embrace our wild unfolding. Take a glimpse into the energies of the moon and engage your Goddess connection to your inner most knowing.

Sacred Divine Temple

An inspirational feminine practice that engages ones own intuitive sacred wisdoms with the help of the teachings of the Goddess personified as her high-vibe Self.

Sacred Goddess Day

A special retreat day for our VIP clients to imbody creativity, movement, sister bonding and nurturing as we embrace the presence of awareness of 'being' through Mother Earth's blessings of aromatic crafting.

Support A Cause

We Are In A Historical Moment of Evolution

Whether you are wanting to try a new healing practice while supporting the revolution or wanting to share your gifts in an effort to raise awareness NOW is the time! 



Ayurbella’s Vancouver Healing Faire is going LIVE all over the world!

Live The Divine Wisdoms of Your Soul

The Sacred Wisdoms of  Your Portal to Life Altering Success

Discover your spiritual path in the way it was meant for you to express! You're uniquely meant to success. This course is made specifically for you to recieve the Cosmic keys to the universe and helping you to open the doors to your ulyimate success!

Hello Goddess! 

Yes, you! I am so glad that we found each other! You are meant to be here. It is my honor to support your lifestyle with the sacred wisdoms of the nurturing universal language to set you free and awaken your intuitive alignment with the divine.

This practice is for you if you are a self realized womxn who’s;

  • spiritually conscious driven curious about pushing the envelope of your healing abilities
  • setting intentional goals and seeking for the path to your dream life
  • choose the silver lining and cup half full and ready to take the path of healing; beacuse although you may have been wounded by another you are ready to address the triggers still holding you back as your own responsiblility
  • are ready to be vulnerable in the sacrifice to recovery and evolution
  • desire is to uncover the mysteries of your own divine wisdoms
  • Ready to move past survival and abundance into full-on thriving

My Mission

Womxn have so long been supressed domesticlly, socially, and even amongst ourselves. It’s beyong time for us to remeber our sacred divinity to rise up and empower ourselves and those around us. It’s your time to  live your empowered joy and enlightened grace. Take the journey to align in the support of sistehood to live the life you love!

Enriched sacred experiences for well-being and guidance toward self love and divine devotion.


Women’s Temple is a spiritual playground where we learn together, bond with each other, and raise each other up. I am so honored to hold space for you in this sacred community of women. We are each on a very special sacred journey of awakening. While we are all on our own individual path’s, we can also support each other as a sacred community of sisterhood.

Below are four sacred spaces to step in more fully and brave your evolution on a whole new level of self-awareness as we self examine our innate feminine gifts, our individual service to the world and heal the pattern of karma’s that no longer serve our journey. I welcome you to play with us, explore with us and evolve with us in a journey of self-realization.

The four gatherings I offer are for you to explore and practice deeper and deeper into what your DNA already knows to be true. We are in an unraveling. We are the divine wisdom that we search for. We must only listen and trust, the sacredness is waiting for you to flow in the dance of your Eutopian truth. 

Sacred Goddess Temple

 Triple Goddess Moon

A introduction to divine feminine practices that attune you to the meaning behind the teaching’s of the Goddess personification’s which promotes the engagement of ones own intuition, and healing with the chakras while addressing life cycles with the moon.

Shakti Awakens

Dive Deep Into Transformation

A deeper practice of embodiment shifts eliminating emotional blocks and healing with chakra remedies, including an empowering of your true life purpose. All with the support of sisterhood of community trust. This is an intermediate exploration into the depths of the chakras subtle psyche and the power of healing we hold within ourselves.

Couple Enrichment

 Womxn Inviting Their Partners into The Fold

This medicine is for couples who wish to invite their partners into the tantric practice and learn about their couple dharma. As a couple our purpose is intended to support and enhance ones individual purpose while creating a uniquely successful dynamic. 

Conscious Living

 Science of The Cosmic Language of Life

A healthy body and mind can easily be attune to spiritual advancements. Medicinal practices of a healthy daily routine supports deeper spiritual and personal growth. An advanced program implimenting universal laws of science.

Live The Divine Wisdoms of Your Soul

 Self Study Program

Go ar your own pace in this self-study program. Live your absolute best life with the wisdoms of the universe. Ground with Gaia in this healthy body-mind exploration. Attune to your unique spiritual and personal growth.

My Witnessing

As far as I can remember, I already had a connection with both heavenly mother and heavenly father. In fact, I remember that there was no disconnect unless I wanted more space, it was a distance that I created and they would continue to over see me from afar.

As we try to make sense of this world we are in, and move from observance, to getting involved with others; we may feel the connectivity to others and even extend to holding space and feeling what they may be feeling.  And then, their troubles become ours.

As a young child this can be a big job. As an adult we can easily lose sight with why we are here. Is it to help other by holding their pain, or is it to hold ones own and show others how it’s done! I finally remembered that it is the later. I am here to remind you of why you are here and help you see yourself for who you truly are; A Goddess in a beautiful Temple body reflecting to the world your Sacred Wisdoms.

My Philosophy

Our spirit is deeply rooted as a collective. Such as the nature of our solar system it flows in rhythm. We too have this ability, however we also have free will which can detour our own knowing. The power of our intuition reminds us of this.

Each of us has a purpose all our own. A uniquness such as a flower from a tree, or a fish from the ocean. We are here not to be idle but to overcome our fears that distract us from our purpose. To let go of the illusions that cause us doubt. Easier said than done and yet it is within our grasp, if we so choose.

We continue to search because we doubt. We have lost trust with our own knowing. Everthing we search for is already within us. Tantra reminds us of our truth; allowing us to see that it is with practice of our own being that brings us to our unique trueness.

My Vision

As womxn we often leave our needs to the last, catering to others. I create an experience of a sacred temple retreat for spiritually conscious women curious about their own healing abilities. We simply aren’t aware of the power of our own sacredness. Sacred sisterhood holds space for us to be seen in the fullness of our magic allowing your true self to go deep into innate healing. My vision is to give women the experience of a blissfully healing escape as we rekindle our feminine intuitive nature through the practice of tantric yoga.

My Research

I have immersed myself deeply for the past 15 years in a variety of cultures around the world in an effort to find the meaning of life. From the joys and pleasures, and importance of giving back to our purpose in this life; all in search for the right way to enlightenment. For more on my lineage…

When Magic, Self Development and Science unit as one.

What I have found to be the most evident is that we have a innate connection to the divine yet we have not been taught how to keep that connection alive. I have uncovered the sacred wisdom to help support you in this. One other discovery is that we each are here in this life to serve a purpose all our own. What has been the most suprising discovery is that although no one can truely tell you what you don’t already know, there is however an outline of wisdoms for your unique abilities. This was found through my dharma work and enhancing this even more was the support of Ayurveda and the deeper understanding of the microchakras. We all are built the same and yet we each have unique awakenings that others are not born with. In this wisdom our enlightment allows not only one way out but a handful of avenues and yet not everyone is able to unlock these doors without the deepest know of Self.

I have gathered an abundance of resources for the very cause to inform, empower and raise women up with a beautiful collection of what it means to be and more than that, to know and live out your dharma and brake out of old confines of generational programing.

In ancient times, where women guided community, open to heal and show how to love and live in the blessings of the bodies own natural abilities to communicate wisdoms; Doctors are only just beginning to understand.

My Lineage

In my vision to creating a robust retreat experience I have partaken in a variety of studies, too much to list. Curious about my lineage?



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