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Choose from Intuitive Couching sessions and Vedic Astrology readings.


Sacred Divine Communion private healing sessions designed to support where you are in your life path and give you a deeper spiritual connection to your higher knowing and your own sacred divine guidance.

Sacred Transformation for the Goddess ready and committed to her personal evolution. This is for the purpose driven Goddess ready to forge her path of dreams. It's a purposeful exploration of your sacred abilities towards a deeper connection to your divine light; your true self, your sacred wisdom energy.

Couples Enrichment is a two-on-two session to support your love languages and rebuild the friendship you desire with you partner. You get two coaches and sacred wisdoms for deeper compatibility and connection.


Personal guidance to design your very own sacred ceremony in the creation of your desired manifestations. This is your destiny! Rise up to match your dreams.


Spiritual Life Path full of opportunities... you have more gifts than you know and a life in front of you that is awaiting your arrival. Embrace your dharma and karmic unfolding to heal life resistance.

12 Houses the ultimate astrology reading of the twelve houses of your birth chart including your very own manual all about your enlightened path.

Couples Dharma exploring an awakening of your purpose together. As we come together our own life purpose is enhanced. Understanding your relationship dynamic from a spiritual perspective can give a couple great assurance.

Vedic Astrology Readings
Vedic Astrology Readings
Vedic Astrology Readings
support your purpose with confirmation from the stars
Special Seasonal Discount
Divine Guidance
Divine Guidance
Divine Guidance
inspiring your divine connection through sacred channeled mentorship
$1 249.00