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Couples Enrichment Retreat

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special date night with your partner guided to support that deeper connection you've been longing for
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Do you wish for deeper love with your partner, or for your partner to really get you? Maybe you just want to spice up your relationship!

This workshop inspires a relationship with new eyes, new perspective and a fun way to truly get connected with your partner(s). Love shouldn't have to be so hard. IT'S LOVE!

Our course will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and each other as a unit, and includes skills to practice at home. Additionally, an explanation of astro-psychology.


  • Resetting Intentions as a couple
  • Vedic Astrology Charts per person
  • Personal and Couple Purpose
  • Compatibility
  • Attachment Style Balancing Skills
  • Loving Connection Tantra
  • Loving Couples Workbook

Preregistration is required. Registration closes 7 days before scheduled event to give us time to analyze each set of charts both individually as well as your unique compatibility as a couple.

We recommend this workshop annually as a refresher. Your first experience is usually absorbing all of the new information, additional refreshers layer a deeper and deeper connection with the love with in each of you, compassion for each other and inspire a new way of becoming; together in ease.


Retreat is led by a couple who just so happens to be spiritual coaches and dharma Astrologers with a a background in tantric relationship healing. Myself, as Dharma specialist and Channeler and my partner Clif, a compatibility specialist who has studied with worldwide acclaimed astrologers. Our extensive study of astrology, tantra and couples psychology as well as our personal experience has built upon the development of a deeper relationship with each other and has given us the collective wisdom to help other couples build the relationship desired.

Interested in learning more about Clif Barnes?! Follow him at

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