Divine Guidance

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inspiring your divine connection through sacred channeled mentorship
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Choosing Sacred Transformational allows

for deeper metamorphosis of your own divine gifts and life mastery.



This intuitive coaching session is designed to be a collaborative support system for you to grow intuitively and spiritually. Expanding your spiritual connection to higher knowing and your own sacred divine guidance. Each one-on-one sessions helps to attune you even deeper to the divine. It's your time for personalized empowerment, encouraging your intuit self-healing through the unity of your High-Self Divine wisdoms. This is a safe space of sacred nourishing attainment. Expect self-realization and personal growth during these sessions along with healing on all levels of your emotional, psychic, mental, and often physical as you continue these sessions regularly. These sessions are an exploration of your own sacredness and best received over time as you build up your skills of sacred connection.

  • Be ready to connect to your Divine Self; your sacred energy, feminine light, inner wisdom.
  • Develop a quicker, deeper sense of your own intuition, and your true healing purpose.
  • You’ll learn tools to incorporate into your own personal daily spiritual practice.
  • Improved mindset.
  • Manifest your dream life in the now.

Whatever you call God, there is a divine knowing that can be tapped into with guidance and practice that creates a deeper connection other than traditional prayer and meditation. You will gain a clearer understanding of your dharma which is why your birth information is requested.

55 Minute Session


Take charge of your life with the commitment to your personal growth! This is a purposeful exploration of your sacred abilities towards a deeper connection to your self, your true self; your divine feminine light, inner wisdom, and sacred energy.

You've been feeling the need to develop a deeper sense of your own intuition and now your journey is about to take a powerful shift!

In these sessions you will develop a deeper sense of your own intuition and explore your own sacredness. You’ll learn tools to incorporate into your own personal daily spiritual practice. You will learn how to ask yourself the right questions to get the outcomes you desire for personal development and divine manifestation. These sessions will help you develop your own intuition and guide you with purpose. You will learn healing techniques and tricks to help motivate you to stay on your path.

Whatever you call God, there is a divine knowing that can be tapped into with guidance and practice that creates a deeper connection than traditional prayer. You will also gain a clearer understanding of your dharma.


When registering be sure to include your accurate birth information; Date, Time, City and County. All one-on-one sessions are currently online (zoom).

What Are These Session Like?

Initial Session: The initial session is approximately ninety minutes to allow us time to go over your desires for your new life. This will help determine the kinds of support you want and need. From there I will use this information to draw up a plan of action to support you and your dreams, your healing and anything else that you want to address along the way. Nothing is needed other than yourself throughout theses sessions however I do encouraged you to set up a sacred space of quiet in your home with special things such as a pillow, crystals and plants for emotional comfort. You will want to have water next to you as these sessions can be intense while processing and detoxing, and your journal to express your explorations as you learn new tools.

During Session: Each session is an hour long and will give us the opportunity to expand your vision with new tools and techniques as well as give you plenty of time to be heard and seen and celebrated! If you so choose, some of our sessions can be lead similarly to Temple Ceremony, catered solely to you. Whatever you need on the day of session, I will accommodate practice as needed. These sessions are customized for you.

I look forward to Empower your divine calling for personal and spiritual growth

*12 sessions good for up to 12 months from date of purchase. Valued at over $15,000+.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does my birth time have to be accurate? Yes, Dharma readings are very specific to the detail of timing. Moon readings are more generalized and can give some comfort. These readings can be scheduled with my husband Clif at www.stellar-relationships.com

Can I ask questions? Yes, you can ask one to three questions pertaining to the type of reading you choose, during the confirmation email. For a deeper analytical readings or specifics on relatives there may be a charge depending on the details requested. No charge will be added without your approval.

Can you read my future? Prashna readings are a different kind of astrology reading, similar too forecasting such as tarot readings. This is not my specialty however I can refer you to another Vedic astrologer for fortune readings into your future and various predictions. You can schedule this type of reading with my husband Clif at www.stellar-relationships.com

DISCLAIMER: these sessions are for your highest good. In an effort to connect you to your higher Self and Divine light guides I may channel mystic planetary energies, higher realms, psychic tuning, and energetic healing. As a client you are fully responsible for any unraveling issues or complications from previous lives or present life that come up to the surface for healing.

*When deep unraveling occurs it means that you are processing a great deal. A Sacred Transformation package is recommended to remedy this embodiment.

Many blessings sent your way.

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