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Moon embodiment is dancing in life with the essence of soma, the wisdoms of the mother and all that she embodies; from Gaia to the eternal Goddesses, and especially our own innate higher divine Self. As the triple goddess is within all of us.

We begin during maiden waxing crescent moon and celebrate during full moon.

A Waxing Crescent Moon Ceremony

During the waxing moon we are to take the lead of the waxing energy as she so powerfully guides us to create new habits and flow with the energies that wish to evolve us. We can benefit with this energy in our personal and spiritual life and even in business.

Sacred Mindset Mastery: Embodiment of The Moon Ceremony's:

October: Moon Magic Recipes & Rituals / Letting go with Sumerian Goddess sister's Ereshkigal queen of the Underworld also known as Lady of the Great Earth, and Inanna queen of Heaven

November: Wheel of The Year / Feronia, Indo-Euro Goddess ~ Freedom & Prosperity and the Priestess of witches

December: Chakra Moon's / Khione, Greek Goddess of the snow ~ Father/masculine Forgiveness and Healing Therapy

Join us to soften and unravel into a higher vibe with guided meditation and tools for spiritual success. Set a space for practice, bring your journal and a beverage, as well as comforts for your mediation.

Pre-registration is required at least a day prior. Pay $25 and receive access to the months educational Waxing Ceremony and Goddess Full Moon Ceremony! A portion of proceeds are donated to the month's Support A Cause program.

This event has been imbued with the Angelic energy of transformation. All changes whether your intentions are professional or personal. This brings you into the energy of big decisions. The decisions made in practice are going to cause change that will be extremely necessary in the evolution of your life. Trust the flow. Be willing to surrender fully into your goals.

If you love this practice you will love our other practices that also follow the cycles of the moon. Shakti Awakens during the mothering first quarter and waxing gibbous moon, Sacred Conscious Living during croning waning and last quarter moon, and Conscious Couples Enrichment during New Moon as she is closest with her partner the sun.

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