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Living The Divine Wisdoms of Your Soul

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Goddess Crone Empowerment

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Sacred Goddess Within

This sacred time will bring you into your intuition, instinct, emotions, and nurturing aspects of the triple Goddess within you. Your higher power is wise, wild and nurturing. Tap into inner bliss during sacred sisterhood.

As I guide you through the channels of your inner Priestess we will practice wild sacred dance, receiving and offering sacred nurturing, and an enlightened meditation through the wisdoms of the soul.

What to expect:

This experience will bring you into your intuition, instinct, emotions, and nurturing aspects of your mother, maiden, Crone.

If you have been to our Sacred Goddess Temple - Women’s circles in the past you have had a taste of what we practice. If you have been to many then you have more of an understanding of this experience you are about to embark on.

What you will receive:

• Maiden Goddess Embrace As Your Wild Light Breaks Flutter!

- Goddess Invitation into circle

- Release in Dance, Song and Instrument

• Mother Goddess Acceptance

- Sacred Wisdoms

- Sacred Practice

- Workbook Instructions

- Product use

• Crone Nourishment into Deep Surrender

- Oracle Reading

- Nurturing

- Guided Meditation

- Journaling session

• Workbook

- Practices to continue to use

• Swag Bag

- Anointing Oil

- Meditation & Protection Spray

- Flower Essence

What to bring:

Bring your journal, crystal, coin skirt, and anything else to make your time pleasurable.

The Goddess Embodiments

A restorative and exhilarating transformation abounds you from this point forth; to support your transition into the next phase of your journey. Retreat from the outside world in this sacred holding of sisterhood.

Dance of Kali

A sacred movement meditation & ceremony to deeply connect you to your shadow self and transmute fear and anger and support you in your natural empowerment. Celebrate and honor your body in this sacred ritual of shadow dance.

Kali Ma is protector and holds many wisdoms to help you grow from the darkness into the light and to look to all aspects of self as teachers and healers.

Alter remedies included.

Meet Kali

  • She is the the force within that clears the path to your dark shadow self. Allowing acceptance of the deeper darker self.
  • As we connect with your Shadow Self we make way for the connection to Higher Self.
  • Higher Self has no fear in expressing and yet Sacred lay honors those around her.


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Shakti Awakens Chakra

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