Ayurbella Studio

Welcome sisters!

It is an honor to have you here and I welcome you with open arms. I look forward to our growth together.

Our Community Temple holds events in an intimate setting, conveniently located in central Vancouver, Washington. Registration is required for all events.

Vancouver Washington

Classes and Workshops

A Healthy Life Is A Beautiful Life

Welcome to Ayurbella where we inspire healthy practices for a beautiful life!

Ayurbella is a sacred community space where we gather to learn and practice healing; to offer the best life and care for the body we live in, the mind we strive to improve, and the spirit we choose to lift each day. We encourage you to live your best life possible. Our sacred space is a place often called as home to many in the healing community, and is known as a special place for community to gather and center; to share healing arts and inspire growth to the local healing community.

All Classes Include:

  • Beverages of water and tea’s
  • Meditation pillows
  • Cozy blankets
  • Yoga mat or sheep skin
  • Restorative blankets
  • Chairs if you prefer

Winter Events

Women’s Masquerade Soiree

When: 4PM December 8th


This sacred practice is our annual gratitude celebrating you and all that you’ve accomplished this year.

If you are new come play with us!

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Discover Your Healing Gift

When: 5PM December 13th

Preregistration: $45

Everyone is a healer whether you know it or not. Your loved ones have been the benefactors of your sacred wisdoms.
Your birth date, time, and place are needed for this class. Preregistration is required.
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Golden Angels Holiday Mediation

Starts: December 15nd 2pm

FREE/ Toy Donation

Connect with the Golden angels of Christmas and the sacredness of the season. At this time the veil is thin and the angels are closer to earth!

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Autumn Events

Full Harvest Moon

Starts: 7PM September 13th


Goddess, I am so honored that you are here! This sacred practice awakens your divine femininity and intuitive wisdoms of creative and restorative shakti energy, and what’s more is the deep connection to your own innate gifts. Join us in the honoring of your sacredness.

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Creating A Manifesting Journal

Starts: 1PM September 15th

Class is $20

Create your very own manifesting journal!

A manifestation journal is a great way to keep consistent and focused with manifesting your life!

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Women Nurturing Women

Starts: September 22nd 6pm

A sisterhood support group for conscious women. We gather and share, give and recieve advice in support of each other. 

Advanced Classes & Workshops

Discover Your Healing Gift

Starts: September 29th

Everyone is born with a gift but is often hidden with the wounds of our existance in this body. Unlock your sacred wisdom.

Birth place, date and time required at registration.

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Goddess Series

Starts: TBA

Coming Soon

Couple New Moon Date Night

Starts: January 19th 5pm


Awaken the puropse of your relationship with your partner(s). Learn how to communicate and love better than ever before.


Weekend Retreats & Workshops

Goddess Awakening

Starts: TBA

A weekend to explore your triple goddess shakti energy.

Details Coming Soon

Break Free From Fear

Starts: TBA

A weekend to practice what it means to be deep in fear and surrender to your inner wisdoms. 

Details Coming Soon

Sovereign Goddess 

Starts: TBA

You are coming into your Crone wisdoms and discoveing the Goddess you once knew is transforming. What does this mean for you?!

Details Coming Soon


Upcoming Workshops in 2020

Healing The Vessel With Breath


Pranayama when done properly and consistently can be an amazing tool for daily health.

More Soon

Couple New Moon Date Night



Awaken the puropse of your relationship with your partner(s). Learn how to communicate and love better than ever before.

More Details Soon

Why Am I Here?!


Your purpose can be understood by exploring your souls desire. Look into your life map to learn more ablout your dharma. 15 minute Dharma Reading included.

Details Soon

Meet Our Instructors

We are spiritual yogi’s and yogini’s who have a lifetime of solitary practice and study. We offer our wisdom to community to provide you with guidance for your own journey. Meet some of our team. We often have guest facilitators each month too.

Wiesje Brion

Wiesje Brion

Sacred Goddess Temple

Andrea Dombecki

Andrea Dombecki

Angel Fairy Healing

Clifton Barnes

Clifton Barnes

Stellar Relationships, Couples Vedic Astrologer

From Our Students

”I attended a moon circle when I first got here. I felt so warmly welcomed by Devi Wiesje and everyone in the circle. She really sets an intention to support women on their journey and it is palpable. I felt comfortable being me, there. The experience was a pleasant fusion of going within in, looking at what was up for us, sharing it, reflecting on it, combined with movement, laughter, aromatherapy, chocolate, and connection. The experience was nurturing on many levels. Devi carries deep wisdom and deep compassion. I am so happy to have met her and found her studio. She is also deeply supportive of women on their journey both personal and in business. I love the Vedic readings! Ayurbella is worth the experience.”


Doula ~ Yogini ~ Massage Therapist

“Great healing space with an abundance of knowledge and support. Vedic Astrology is amazing and accurate, ground, center, relax, energize, self reflect and find direction all in the same place.”



“Ayurbella is a sacred sanctuary that truly takes you into another realm. As soon as you enter the gateway, it is as if magic (just like a Harry Potter portal) has opened up and you feel right at home, safe and cared for. The events that are happening there are spiritually inspiring & also so needed for community to uplift and harmonize body/mind/soul. Thank you Wiesje for being such an amazing host for this space… I look forward to joining more offerings and sending over more friends your way! Blessings!”


Moon Goddess

“Ayurbella is a rare gem! Settled off-road from traffic, the space harkens to a time and place of another world. The approach path to the gate gives one their first hint that they are about to enter another realm. I can’t wait to try the different services.”


“My daughter and I attended Ayurbella’s Open House event last Friday where we were given a tour of of the spa and the meditation/classroom areas as well as a brief description of some of the many classes and services offered there. The atmosphere was very…es one their first hint that they are about to enter another realm. I can’t wait to try the different services.”




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