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Waning Crescent Mindset

Waning Crescent Mindset

It’s an inspiring time to set your intentions to go inward after the excitements of the Full Moon. Observe your energy the next few days.

What is your body and mind asking of you?

Do you need to rest? Do you want to be at easy?

Adjust your schedule accordingly. Allow yourself a bit more time to daydream, journal and to just sit with your thoughts. Observe your mind as you negotiate between what must get done and what can be put off. Now is the time to allow yourself personal space to look inward. minimize contact as much as possible with the outside world.

As the full Moon fades we return inward to the practice stillness and renewal. This is the perfect time to renew your meditation practice or to begin a new practice in the art of stillness and observation. This awakens into the dreamland of inspiration!

What comes of the stillness?

Observe the stirring and write down what nudges your creative motivations! You’ll want to follow up with this as we move closer into the New Moon energy. Notice how it all unfolds the next couple weeks.




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