In The Darkness of Transition

In The Darkness of Transition

As with every transition in life there is a dance of coming and going. We feel the pull but we also want to stay with what we are familiar with. Whatever is on the otherwise may not be greener. it just may be darker. Life is full of risks and with that come opportunity.

No matter the outcome you know what your own personal options are. For instance, if you had an abundance of choices in front of you; you’d mostly likely pick one of three out of many. We are predictable yes but we choose what we know we can handle so that if our choice doesn’t work out in our favor we know how to navigate it to our best outcome.

The unknown however, feels different. It’s not. We are simply creatures of habit in every sense of the word. We bend and form when it feels uncomfortable but when it becomes unbearable we fight.

When Do You Surrender Into Transformation?

You surrender more than you are aware. In every-day moments you are in constant surrender until you are not and then you are fighting. When the moment feels aligned without a thought, that’s when you truth is experienced; beyond surrender.

Alignment Is The Ultimate Codex

The truth, your truth is in the moments when you just are. When there is no room for duality. This is the magic moment of truth! When this is experienced in life we know we are on the right track. The key is the replicate these experiences often. These moments can be a blip of time or cycle in with the dark moon of your soul. To prevent and become more equipped in these moments it is important to observe your lifecycles. When do you ebb and flow into the darkness? What triggers this for you?

There are being such as myself that can help guide you through this darkness. You never have to go it alone. In life, and in death.



Waning Crescent Mindset

Waning Crescent Mindset

It’s an inspiring time to set your intentions to go inward after the excitements of the Full Moon. Observe your energy the next few days.

What is your body and mind asking of you?

Do you need to rest? Do you want to be at easy?

Adjust your schedule accordingly. Allow yourself a bit more time to daydream, journal and to just sit with your thoughts. Observe your mind as you negotiate between what must get done and what can be put off. Now is the time to allow yourself personal space to look inward. minimize contact as much as possible with the outside world.

As the full Moon fades we return inward to the practice stillness and renewal. This is the perfect time to renew your meditation practice or to begin a new practice in the art of stillness and observation. This awakens into the dreamland of inspiration!

What comes of the stillness?

Observe the stirring and write down what nudges your creative motivations! You’ll want to follow up with this as we move closer into the New Moon energy. Notice how it all unfolds the next couple weeks.




Detox Recipe… coming soon