The Dark Moon

Letter from The Dark Moon…

Take pause my dear sweet one. You have done well. As we end one cycle I ask that you be present with what you have accomplished so that we can integrate all that has shown up for you this past cycle. As we sit to absorb all that we have done we can be present with our growth. We are ever changing and it is important to our inner growth to take note of how far we’ve come even if for a moment.

Just rest my sweet, savasana is a gift I give to you in the nourishment of pure darkness.





This is a breif description of a moon cycle. We will observe each phase and the zodiac cycle that she flows through, deeper in each phase.


Moon Journaling

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New Moon

Rest and recieve in new goals that are tugging on your energy.


Waxing Crescent

Playing with ideas for your new intentions.


First Quarter

Nurture the seeds that you have planted by showing up and taking action.


Waxing Gibbous

You’ve planned and prepared now its time to be patient.

Full Moon

Illuninate and celebrate your outcomes!

Share the fruits of your labor.


Waning Gibbous

Be introspective and observe how you got here, what still needs your attention, what worked and what didn’t. Let go of the rest.


Last Quarter

Consciously bring awareness to what no longer fits with the achieved growth in your life, and enjoy the fruits of your creative journey.


Waning Crescent

Purify your mind, body, and soul with the practice of meditation, nutrition and what brings you pure bliss and joy.

Dark Moon

Pause. Do nothing. Be in absorbtion, and really appreciate what you have learned in this cycle.

Waning Crescent Mindset

Waning Crescent Mindset

It’s an inspiring time to set your intentions to go inward after the excitements of the Full Moon. Observe your energy the next few days.

What is your body and mind asking of you?

Do you need to rest? Do you want to be at easy?

Adjust your schedule accordingly. Allow yourself a bit more time to daydream, journal and to just sit with your thoughts. Observe your mind as you negotiate between what must get done and what can be put off. Now is the time to allow yourself personal space to look inward. minimize contact as much as possible with the outside world.

As the full Moon fades we return inward to the practice stillness and renewal. This is the perfect time to renew your meditation practice or to begin a new practice in the art of stillness and observation. This awakens into the dreamland of inspiration!

What comes of the stillness?

Observe the stirring and write down what nudges your creative motivations! You’ll want to follow up with this as we move closer into the New Moon energy. Notice how it all unfolds the next couple weeks.




Detox Recipe… coming soon

The Blue Moon Croning Ceremony

The Blue Moon Croning Ceremony

On the Leo moon and second blue moon of the year my dear friend and mentor Lori will be hosting a Croning Ceremony in honor of the local women who are ready to follow their inner wise and wild wisdoms.  I can say with genuine honesty that Lori is a true Goddess of the arts. She is a lifetime solitary witch, following the Celtic Wheel of The Year, and practices sacred ceremony and rituals. She is a gentle soul with a tremendous amount of knowledge in living the feminine divine. Follow her into her magic as she guides us through Mother, Maiden and on this special evening, Crowned Crone.

This beautiful ceremony will be hosted at the Ayurbella Sacred Space, Wednesday evening on January 31st at 6 PM. You won’t want to miss this!

Don’t Miss This Once In A Blue Moon Event!

The third aspect of the ancient Triple Goddess is the Crone. To aspire to be a Crone is to want the psychological and spiritual growth she symbolizes.
The Crone is an inner potential that we grow into becoming.

Come join us in celebrating and honoring those of us who are experiencing that shift in our lives to wisdom, life lessons and good hearts. If you feel ready, please plan on participating in a Crone Crowning ceremony during our gathering. If you are not to that point yet, please come celebrate the Blue Moon in its fullness and learn!
There may even be a bit of Imbolc ceremony.

Bring your journal, and coins scarf if you have one.

Hosted by Gypsy Lorraine (Lori)

By generous donation
RSVP required