Mythology Is A Way of Seeing Ourselves Detached From Our Own Mess

Mythology Is A Way of Seeing Ourselves Detached From Our Own Mess

When we look at mythology we see stories of warnings. Tales of love and tragedy. I encourage you to look a little closer. To relate to each character as if these stories are about you and your life.

What does this bring up for you?

Do you feel instant resistance, curiosity, intrigue?

If you can brave yourself the compassion this exploration has to offer you, you may be surprise by what just may come of this practice. It’s an experience that can lead you deeper into yourself. What stories have you been allowing from others, stories that are held on to for far too long.

I use Mythology as a resource for people to refer to as a reference for further research. My goal in my guidance is to teach how to depend on ones own reference points and the lessons that have shown up in the details of ones life. To recognize the patterns within your existence and use the tales of the past to step with awareness.
We often choose the same few steps without being aware of how to look at something objectively or we put too much thought into it all.

I lead by way of showing you what you already know and encourage you to put it to good use, because knowing is only a piece of the wisdom you hold.

I hope that you understands that I don’t just “give” advise but rather I guide you to trusting what you know to be true.

We live so much of life with people telling us what is right for us, often times to our detriment. Even when it is right for us, if we don’t choose for ourselves it’s as if our mind tried to right a wrong and leads us to find a longer way to this same decision.
It’s just human nature that we choose for ourselves the paths we take, right or wrong. Because it’s about the little moments that form our experience, not about the big picture. Jumping to the end of something looses its beauty. It’s in the embrace of the experience. We aren’t here to learn how to do things better than another but to do things that bring us sensations; like joy but also a rainbow of emotions. How we deal with them is the magic. The magic is in the practice. There is so much more to the story than meets the eye.

The wisdom that you hold is in the embrace and not the attachment of a moment. Chase them in your body, not in your mind. See where you are led to next. Evolution comes when we stop, observe and consciously redirect to a whole new epiphany of awakening. Awakening is a word that constantly changes as we arise to new awareness.

With Sacred Goddess Temple sadhana practices we put into play a whole new way of living. We learn to ride the wave rather than push against. You can begin to notice much bigger leaps of personal development rather than following the trails of the mind we so easily can get lost in.

Sound Benefits The Nervous System

Sound Benefits The Nervous System

Sound is tool of communication. Vibration is a language that our existence knows and reacts to in ways we may not be conscious to. Understanding this language for healing is a gift we can learn to communicate to our own body and mind. In fact while listening to the subtleties of our own vibration we can determine if we are vibrating in our natural tune or if we are off. Just as tuning forks are used to tune other instruments, they too can help us realign our own vibration.

How does our subtle vibration go off key?
Stress is the general cause however there are many causes that lead us there that we are not always aware of or allow ourselves to notice due to all the distractions in our life. We can fix this now by taking in to account in each moment; is it good for me or is this not for my greatest good. Maybe there are moments that you can not change in the moment. The pure awareness of it can be enough to redirect with a simple sound or breath. Tuning forks are just one way to lead us back to our natural state. What works for you may not work for another. Notice what feels blissful and what twinges. Musical instruments of almost any kind can do the trick, the sound of nature, mantras or musical lyrics. Even colors and smells can affect your state of existence.

Pianist are familiar with the sound of C3. This tune is known as the Otto 128 Hz. and is commonly used in the medical field. Doctors, EMT’s and Paramedics use this fork to locate bone fractures and other reactions. This vibration in particular can relieve pain, minimize spasms and even adjust circulation. While it helps eliminate discomfort it also helps to promote relaxation, reduces inflammation, supports a healthy, and even promotes brain function and enhances memory. An additional benefit is that it improves sexual health. All this by stimulating the function of the nervous system and promoting the release of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a gas that the body naturally produces as a neurotransmitter to send messages between the cells, and stimulates the release of the growth hormone.

How to Use
When the Otto 128Hz is used it produces a 6 minute cycle called puffing which relaxes the tissues and reduces inflammation. The tuning fork needs to be held by the single point or you’ll loose vibration too quickly. If you don’t have a striker you can use the fat of your palm to gently hit the round or pronged head of the fork. Listen to the vibrations, the most subtle part of the vibration is incredibly important so wait for silence before striking again. Try placing the tuning fork on parts of your body to take note of the openings that it awakens in you.

Point 1: Activate the fork then place the stem of the fork on your sternum, your chest bone. Feel the vibration and imagine your heart softening.

Point 2: Activate the fork then place the stem of the fork on your third eye—the space between and just above your eyes. Close your eyes and feel the vibration move through your cranium.

Point 3: Activate the fork then place the stem of the fork on your sacrum, the bone at the base of your spine. Close your eyes and feel the vibration move through your lower pelvis.

Point 4: Activate the fork then place the stem of the fork on any acupressure/acupuncture site for 20 seconds at a time. Not to exceed three Placements in an area.

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