With the energies of 2018 beginning with Cancer Full Moon it sets the tone for this year. We become open in ways we previously resisted sharing and in many ways we hide in protection of these vulnerable expressions.
The moon in cancer can be moody, she knows what she wants and what she expects. Looking inward will bring an honesty to your personal needs. The inner child wishes to cling to security and co-dependence to feed the wolf of un-met needs. Give yourself the reassurance that you need to self-regulate these emotions. Your inner wisdom wants you to take time to go within. Mother the intense emotions with recognition. Go gracefully into the world with Crone wisdom. Let go of the past. Your inner sense of security is not in what once was but how you can make it even better this time around. Focus on creating sacred space in the home. Cook a special meal at least once a week with good thoughts of self love. We must evolve in our resistance. Knowing that our self-affirmed security must not come from others but rather our own inner wisdoms. We are needed and wanted whether we feel it or not, we are needed and wanted whether we want to be or not. Our role in this mother wisdom is for our own mirroring, rather than expectations we have for others and in the way they treat us. We are our own Eternal Mother. Connect with this special Cancer Moon by caring for others as you wish them to care for you, without expectation to receive the same. She is the leader of all mothering aspects. Let another’s actions go. It has no barring on you. Negative aspects of Cancer Moon is well known as the “smothering mother” or”helicopter mom”. So over protective that others may feel her possessive nature with unwelcoming resistance. Which can reck havoc on her raw vulnerability. Remember to go gently without completely closing yourself off in protection. You are the Goddess/God that sets the pace in your life. They look to you for exquisite nourishing expressions of love.
What will 2018 mean to you?