Devi Wiesje

Your Guide To Sacred Wisdoms

Devi Wiesje supports your lifestyle in developing a healthier version of your intuitive alignment through the sacred practices of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Full Moon Women's Temple

“She really sets an intention to support wome on their journey and its palpable. I felt comfortable being me. The experience is nurturing on many levels. Devi Wiesje carries deep wisdom and deep compassion.” ~ Michele

Conscious Living

Embrace healthy habits to support your transformative awakening. Implement a healthy practice of Ayurvedic medicine to align your mind, body, and spirit to your divine awakening.

Sacred Divine Temple

Your Sacred Divine practice is guided by the Goddess within. Be deeply present in your desire to elevate. A deeper monthly practice than Full Moon Temple to connect you with the teachings of Kali, Durga, Lakshmi and your own intuitive sacred wisdoms.

Sacred Goddess Day

A special day for our VIP clients who are not afraid of diving deep and moving through a higher awareness of being.

Dive Deep Into Transformation

Sacred one-on-one sessions allows you personal transformation with Devi Wiesje. Be present with your journey as she guides your personal evolution to intuitive awakening.

Welcome sisters!

It is an honor to have you here. I am so grateful to you for reaching out because this is where our story begins and you just never know where it may take us. Whatever it was that brought you here, be it a recommendation or your own personal interest; I welcome you with open arms. Please fill out the questionnaire below to give me clarity about what’s going on for you right now. I look forward to our growth together.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Vancouver WA ~ Women’s Gathering

Self Study ~ coming soon

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