It’s official! We are now offering couples classes. This one’s a special Valentine treat. We set the mood so plan on bringing your partner on this lovely date. I am leading you and your loved one into sweet serenity with gentle meditative responses to engage you and your partner in conscious communication as you’re guided by licensed Acupuncturist Monica Walters on this stupendous journey of mind-body healing with acupressure points to massage on each other.

This is set in a very safe environment. No funny business will be allowed, however may stir your creativity on your way home behind closed doors.

My part in this practice can easily be described as gentle communication skills. With a background in self healing and spiritual divine teachings, I offer couples couching. I have also studied in the fields of psychology, Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and yoga; dharma, karma, Bhakti, and so on which has given me the tools to help couples open up to each other with new found compassions and understanding on a deeper more spiritual level. The way we communicate is a bit different for everyone, often times that differences can be the difference between how a man and a woman thinks, however there is more than this to the mystery of human nature. With the practice of devotion to ones self, a higher conscious, and to each others sacred temple, along with an knowing of your dharma and your partners dharma, and the push and pull of the dynamic you each create will lead you deeper into each other’s world.

You want to please your mate, even if you don’t understand them but what if you could understand where they’re coming from and how to make your connection right again?!

Implementing the questionnaire results with this practice will give you and your mate a new perspective on yourselves, each other and the bond you desire to grow from. However, this is not needed for the couples sensual acupressure class. If couples couching is needed I offer a free 30 minute consultation to determine if we are a proper fit.

In this class practice we will incorporate some of the tools used to reach out to one another during your sensual practice. Get cozy with your partner. Reach across and hold each others hands. Look into each others eyes. Offer gratitude for you both being present. Release all expectations. You are here to learn with each other?

Keep in mind how you like and want to be touched; gentle, firmly. Also keep in mind that this can change. Recognize the sensations in your body as your partner touches you. Recognize how your partner feels, their reactions. Listen with all your senses. Let your partner tell you what they want in this moment. Be open to sharing with your partner what you need at this moment. Let the ride begin.

Date & Time: Saturday, February 10th at 7 PM – 8:30 PM
Cost: $45/couple
Bring: Bring your partner and a journal to take notes in.



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