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A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with Source.

A man’s highest calling is to protect a woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.

~Cherokee Proverb

A conscious relationship knows that their love for one another is to be cherished in as unique a way as your partnership is, by continuing to nourish it along the way. In order to never take what you have for granted you need to understand the deeper dynamic of your union.

Feeling understood and safe can too easily be thwarted by everyday stressors.  So, what does support look like to your partner when everything seems as though it is all falling apart and they are looking to you for security?  What does it mean to you to feel supported by your partner?

The subtleties of everyday life expectations don’t have to weeken your relationship, instead you can learn to take these oportunities to grow deeper and stronger together so that when you look at your love, you can feel reassurance that you are both in this journey of life tohether. Each morning you feel gratitude that you get to make a conscious decision to say yes to another day towards a deeper connection and support each others dreams on this journey together.

The blessing of a healthy relationship is that everyday you each get to choose each other all over again, and the fact that you are being chosen continues to ignites the fire of desire for one another.

It’s easy to trust that the relationship we have will hold up when everything is going right but having the stability of knowing that even in the worst of times you both will know how to balance life together is the greatest gift you can give each other.

So how do you know what to work on to get to a place where you work as a well maintain homeostasis?

– Understand your individual triggers and why they still exist, and how to heal them.

– Understanding your unique languages so that you can each communicate better.

– Understanding the unique soul contract with one another.

– And so much more!

This program teaches you about you just as much as it teaches you how to navigate the muddy waters of relationships.

Love Spell Tantra

Deepen your connection from an open heart with compassion and understanding takes continued practice but it’s not always easy.  Whether you are wanting to spice up your relationship or capture the spark you once had again, these simple techniques boosts intimacy. Love Spell Tantra is an important part of igniting that passion once more!



Deeper Understanding

Mental Health

Healthy Boundaries



Not sure you’re ready to invest in your relationship?

Get a reading to determine your compatability!

Couples Astrology

Discover Your Couple Dharma!

Did you know that your relationships have their very own unique purpose?!

Your relationship holds a message so sacred but without knowing and truly understanding this you can lose focus and forget the dynamic that drew you together like magnets.

The love you have may need a reminder and new tools to harness the faceted soul of your relationship. This exploration gives you divine perspective of yourself and each other in a new way that supports the full potential of your love.

This program allows you to see yourself the way the universe see’s you, as an ever-glowing bright light.

Unlock the power of your love for each other. Acquire the deeper meaning of relationships and the knowing of how to nurture love properly.

Love Spell

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Expert Discovery Call

Curious if this is right for you?

This session will give you an inside look into what your new chapter in love can look like. Led by two coaches, supports you individually as well as a couple.

Couples Astrology

Your relationship goes through cycles. This session helps you determine the direction of your purpose together and the benefits you bring each other. This sessions helps to truly seeing each other. Understanding the depth of who you are as a united front is an empowering experience and gives confirmation to why you choose each other every day. You’ll learn how to confidently deepen your connection.

Tantra Enrichment

See each other in a new light! Our guided group sessions have proven to be profoundly supportive. Community sharing allows you to relate to common vulnerabilities to fast-forward your growth. Encorporate tools that are easy and fun.