In the game of life we rest before we work, we work before we mourn, we mourn before we realize the it was not mourning but a transformation into something new. We only mourn because we do not understand that to make way for the new we must first let go of the old, no matter our phase in life.

In the practice of the divine feminine we indulge in celebrating our accomplishments. Celebrating our accomplishments of college only to work our asses off in a career we will grow to hate, and miss. Same as in motherhood. It is a wondrous joy, exhausting and emotional, and in the end we miss it so terribly. We then get to celebrate in our grandchildren.

And what of childhood. Do we allow for it! For ourselves and in others. Do we know how too?
It is the children that teach us of play. The guardians that teach us of discipline, and the elders our crones and sages who teach us of rest, not demise.

How can we tap into our own trifecta of sacred wisdoms?

Death of the old is only rebirth of something magical and lovely.
Surrender the past. You can not take it if you wish to transform.

Sacred Wisdom Of The Moon Phases
As I think of the phases of the moon I am reminded of how short the New Moon and Full Moon phases are and yet the Waxing and Waning hold the yin and yang that insist on teaching us balance throughout our whole life. The action and the rest phases need not just be for the dead and the living but for the passions in the moments and the naps in-between! We need to learn to flow in and out in the moments, not just with the phases of the moon, the season, and phases of our life. These are just deeper practices so that we can challenge ourselves toward the awareness that each new moment will end and begin again, no matter the suffering and joy.

So when you look at the phases of the moon you will see that the New Moon, our transition from the void to birth, and the Full Moon, our most powerfully accomplished phase in career and parenthood. We again notice that the waxing, our youth, and the waning, our older years… we can see that within these are the longest and they have their own phases as well with the crescent, half, and gibbous; yet another trinity. We are always in flux with these. Therefore it is my challenge to you as you strive to stay active, constantly active, that you also choose to rest, rest so that you can accomplish more, if nothing else. Maybe, there you will uncover the magic of this non-reactive phase as quite frankly, it is absolutely positively very active indeed. Just not in the way you might think. It is where the true magic of discovery, recovery, and forgiveness occurs. Just before the burst of energy explodes there is a gestation period where all the thoughts and ideas begin to form. You need this, you deserve this. Be present with your other half. As this is where the shadows are healed, not just the dark shadows but also the colorful dreamy shadows.
You can be a bright shining star even more when you make room to rest and get to truly know why you even have a shadow side, I mean the true necessity of it. Free yourself from the chains of illusion; doubt and fear. Embrace that need that nags at you to do something fun, or just stop and smell the flowers!

Because it all is but a moment.

We become better parents, better people when we do so. Make it a game, be part of playtime so deeply that time is nonexistent. Your life will be richer for it.



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