The path to enlightenment has been a topic of discussion lately. I’d like to discuss this further by focussing on each path for each dharma. This blog is an extension of Enlightenment Your Way

The Way Of The Earth Spirit
Earth beings are hard workers, leisurely and love to be loved. They may be good at cooking, fixing cars, technically savvy.
When out of balance they may be good at these skills but find them a burden rather than appreciating the gift of their nature.

One common resistance for many dharma’s is that they may live a miserable life not accepting their true dharma. They may even search for what is easy rather than trust in their innate gift that will eventually set them free, in the earth dharma’s case to feel loved fully. Listening to what makes you feel alive rather than hiding in the shadows.

There is so much negative casting in so many cultures that it has been tarnished to the point that we’d rather turn away from it entirely that to go deep to the root of it’s existence. Then we are left with unanswered questions and empty hopes and dreams.

The Path From Shadow to Light
This journey is found when we let go of attachment, for some. For some, it is learning how to care of the attachment. Caring for our bodies and allowing the depth our nature consume us with all that we are.

From Practice To Mastering Life
Embodiment is a fabulous practice for anyone and especially for earth bound creatures. Tracking your emotions in your body allows you to let go of thought for a bit. Dance, sing, be playful, eat, dance, have sex! It’s all part of the experience and with it comes a flood of sensations. Follow them, Don’t run away. Stay with them till you come through to the other side of light.
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