It’s an interesting topic. Enlightenment. It means so many different things to all kinds of people. And yet, it’s also one of those words that is lost on so many.

Why is that?

The truth of the matter is that it IS different for many. It’s something that can’t be found on one path alone. It depends greatly on your dharma in this life. It truly is the key to finding your way.

If you have a good connection to Divine, and you listen well then you may not need the guidance of you life map. But if you feel like you need clarity, or confirmation on whether or not you’re on the right paths then a life map is important to look to.
There are many way to determine your path on this journey. It can be as easy as noticing the obvious patterns in your life that you may be taking for granted. If it easy for you but not necessarily for those around you then it’s probably part of your purpose that you may want to take notice of and give gratitude for. Sometimes the things in life that are just too easy are the answer but seem too simple to be the answer.
Ask yourself what your patterns of passion are. What brings you joy? You know what this is! You feel it. Loved ones can be wonderful reference but when you need just a little more guidance it’s nice to know that you have your very own life map available to you.

It’s A Magical Experience
For those who have found their passions in life and live it everyday. You may even be are good at a handful of things. You see God in the moments in between.
Well, maybe you can attest to the moments were you are in total bliss. These are the moments to follow. Follow your bliss. This is what it takes to find YOUR PERSONAL ENLIGHTENMENT.

Because the journey to enlightenment is paved with bliss.

If you are in search of your path to bliss and a more purposeful life contact me for Your Dharma Life Map.



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