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Feminine Enlightenment

Our Full Moon practice allows you to process in sisterhood and is the first step into personal and spiritual development. Surrender the challenges that hold you back, and embrace the gaia-dance through gentle meditation into your healing.

“One of the most precious gifts I can give is the ability to help you see yourself for who you are.”

Wiesje Brion


Feminine Healing

The Practice

In the practice of feminine receiving and the mindset of abundance we ask that you embrace this blessing with ease, joys and grace. The evening is a short fun filled hour of nurturing practices to gently encourage transformation into conscious living. 

We play with movement meditation and embodiment to release, explore the cycles of the moon and stars, honor ourselves and the Goddesses that share in our life stories from trauma to surrender. We learn to read our own oracle to tap into the power of our own inner guidance and intuition. We accept in balance of receivance and giving in nurturing practices. We journal our experience in guided meditation while the sounds of live sounds of crystal singing bowls elevate our vibration. It would be an honor to hold space for you at our next ceremony.

You will discover that there is no need to re-live trauma but rather become very present with your current thought patterns and how it affects your beautiful temple-body. That there is a way to live in the sacredness of your souls wisdom, and to embrace your Goddess Self.

Spiritual Psychology

This practice is not religious based. It is a Universal honoring of your holy being through the practice of healing the mind. The practice consists of various mind-body healthy habits with playful meditation to remind you that your body is temple. How we treat our body is critical. The mind is an intical part of creating life we desire, and in doing so the mind must be finessed into positivity from subconscious to conscious awareness.

Once these healthy mind-body practices begin to form your new outlook, you will begin to develop new levels of personal and spiritual improvements. As you continue you will uncover layers of yourself to self-realization and evolutionary outcomes.

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