Sacred Wisdoms

Devotion of Self Love

Sacred Wisdoms is a resource of awakening ones own truth.

Guidance can challenge our own expansiveness. Go with it! Trust your truth. Observe how it unfolds for you.

I am a firm believer of trusting in what feels honest for you. I don't believe that we need to be guided to "know", only that we can be guided to knowing; a rememberance of awakened truths. Mindset is a powerful tool in the listening of your own inner wisdoms. Trust in that still small voice. Go with where the wind inspires your growth. True personal development can not be taught, only awakened! As you discover your dharmic path embrace this empowering supporting and a deep connection to The Divine wisdoms of your soul.





Shakti Awakens

Conscious Living

Sacred Goddess Temple is the gateway of feminine devotion. In the inspired monthly ceremony’s we awaken the ancient wisdoms of womens temple. It is an exploration into ones own temple; the body, with our unique inner sacred devotion with the divine, as we each own our individual empowerment into Goddessness. We practice with the cycles of the moon, heal with chakra medicine, and experience the embodiment of Goddess lineiage of those before us.

Use this library as a resource for self-love as you engage in your own personal practice. You’ll find moon magic, reciepes and inspiring wisdoms to support your journey.

Shakti Awakens is as deep as you allow your personal growth to go. Deeper into embodiment and much deeper in the healing of chakra medicine from mantra and embodiment to herbal medicinals, and all the pacifying nourishment neccessary to evolve your divine creation into full on Shakti form! Driven in the empowerments of all that the Goddesses hold; awakens an unbound form of Self as an advocate for personal and evolutionary growth.

Reach in to self initiation for more unraveling with a resource of sacred wisdoms. I encourage you to ask for what you need and want in the library comments. 

Sacred Conscious Living is true and total devotion of self love as a lifestyle; healing, pacifying, and nourishing. This is a daily practice of life fully devoted in conscious living not separate from spirituality but a match made in heaven. A collection of healing modalities can be integrated seasonaly for the ultimate true connectiveness to all that is. This practice studies the Universal language and Quantum healing as well as some very practical everyday rituals to elevate yourself to live a more vibrant life.

Explore angelic resources here to enhance your daily healthy habits.

Rise Above This

The response we choose creates the life we want. I had a dream that my booked chiropractor appointments got somehow pushed off the schedule so they had no availability for me for 3 weeks. A chiropractor I see weekly and now I would not see for most of the month! The...

Flora As Remedy

Flora As Remedy

Dew of flora holds the healing property of the flower itself and as we know the memory of water mimics the same vibration it touches; the essence of the flora hold vibrational frequency known to be a complementary alternative treatment and remedy to our emotional...

The Dark Moon

Letter from The Dark Moon... Take pause my dear sweet one. You have done well. As we end one cycle I ask that you be present with what you have accomplished so that we can integrate all that has shown up for you this past cycle. As we sit to absorb all that we have...

On The Edge Of The Unexpected

On The Edge Of The Unexpected

It’s been my experience that many oracles show you what’s right in front of you to give clarity to your life, sometimes clarity isn’t obvious and can often leave the client scared to stay on their path. Good counsel is going to support you in keeping the faith when...

Come back often as there is always more in this ever flowing fountain of wisdoms.


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