I have been blessed with guru’s that have such rich knowledge in their fields and all are renowned spiritual teachers in their own rite.
It has garnished my path with deeply profound wisdoms and practices.

A rare treasure of our time. Ida Resi Alit is the High Priestess of Bali. A position not so easy for anyone to be blessed with, especially for a young women. Her story is that of storybooks and yet you can feel the power of its very existence.

Life Is An Offering…

I received my first experience of her water ceremony in the summer of 2018 and was allured by her profound journey. I went on to partake in the Water Blessing. It was beyond moving, I look forward to more of this enlightening work with her.

She is a great example of following ones dharma so fully. She follows her divine guidance with such grace and humbleness.

She is a light we are all so blessed to learn from.


Kabalarian is the study of the universal language of numbers and lifes mysteries. Numerology helps us to understand our life purpose and why we are the way you are.

I have taken several numerology and astrology courses however I have advanced into courses that have taught me how to adjust the numerology in your life to improve and benefit in the game of life. 

Laurie-Anne King
Laurie-Anne King is a coach and energy healer specializing in principles of abundance and the law of attraction. She is trained in multiple healing modalities including Reiki, Vortex Healing™, and Biofield Healing Immersion™.
Over the years I have taken just about every course she offers. She is an incredible personal development couch bridging the cap between the spiritual woo and the science of personal growth and relationships.

My family and I have been going to Sri Shyamji’s 3Body Purifications for several years now. He has changed the way I look at everything. My view on health, sound healing and the layers of psychology that we live with everyday has been profoundly altered. He brings new meaning to ones life and is incredibly gifted in reading and guiding you through the stresses from sabators of daily life.

Sri Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar is world renowned master naad yogi providing 3Body Purification retreats to help you reduce, minimize and rid emotional, physical and spiritual blockages that prevent you from moving forward in life. 

He was only 12 when he met his spiritual teacher in the Himalayas who he then studied with for several years. He went on to collage to study philosophy, comparative religion and history. He was known early on for his compassion, effective therapy and esoteric wisdom.

In early 1967, he had an intuition. In five hours of automatic writing he revealed that each of the seven major chakras contained 21 microchakras and described the precise details of their functioning. This revelation is the basis of Microchakra Psychology™. 


Wise Women Entrepreneurs

I have been blessed to have Kaya Singer as my mentor and am honored to say that she is also a friend in my wild garden of sacred flowers. She has guided me through the darkness of transformation from my wellness spa I owned for over 10 years, and into what I have created today. She is a true crone and guiding light for women all over the world. I trust her partly because she trusts herself and her own wiser and wilder wisdoms, she teaches what she preaches and that is a rarity in this world. She is a special gem. It is such a joy to be in her presence.
If you are a visionary entrepreneur I urge you to read her book Wiser & Wilder a soulful path for visionary women entrepreneurs.


The sacred science of Astro- Numerology can offer more success and joy in you life.

Learn the magic of your birth with your life blueprint!

Taught by Tania Gabrielle

It was many years ago that I found Tania Gabrielle. Numerology has given me more of a practiacal understanding of life even though its considered metaphysical it is actually profoundly scientific. 

Awakening Women is a path of the Goddess

“In Awakening Women’s Wisdom School, we study Goddess mythology, sacred texts and embodied awakening to reclaim our direct relationship to Source and revive our spiritual lineage rooted in the Great Mother.”

Sign-up to receive your 3 Day Introductory Embodiment Course.

Embodiment is the experience of the Goddess from deep within. “We cannot fully engage with Goddess wisdom by only reading about it; it is at its core highly experiential.” With a ritual practice of sisterhood in devotion, movement, respectful touch, and presence we awaken our own wisdoms of the goddess path.


Mas Vidal is a devoted teacher of the Veda’s. A world renowned spiritual yogi, world renowned for his teachings of yoga, ayurveda and the mystic studies of jyotish.

As an Ayurvedic Doctor and Vedic Astrologer he expands his teachings of yoga and ayurveda beyond the traditional yoga programs.

His Yoga and Ayurveda Program is a blessing encorporating the sister sciences. 


Simon Chokoisky is the author of several books based on the Vedic wisdom of dharma. He is a renown vedic astrologer specializing in ones life purpose.

He was a teacher at the Ayurvedic Institute for many years. These days he offers his own online course studies. Evermore fully in his own calling as a teacher in the art of simplifying this masterful wisdom. Take a quick dharma quiz.

As a Dharma Specialist you can be more than your average astrologer.

Guide your clients through life with the ease of clarity and the remedies to expand their awakened path all through Simon’s programs.

PHYTOTHERAPY by Sonia Masocco

Interactive Medicine

Sonia Masocco is a phytotherapist, teacher and healer of Ayurveda, herbalism, aromatherapy, lymph drainage therapy, food as medicine and more.  I learned so much from her.

Studying under her mentorship was invaluable so much so that it leveled up my Naturopathic Spa business with herbal aromatic customized blends. I went on to develope skincare and makeup lines. It was an unparalleled experience that I use still to this day. 


At The Ayurvedic Institute I studied with Dr. Vasant Lad, his wife Usha Lad,  Phytotherapist Sonia Masocco, Sanskrit and Jyotish instructor Simon Chokoisky, and many others.

I has the pleasure of spending many of summers and some springs with Dr. Lad. I took several classes with him and his very well educated staff. I even took a class taught by his lovely wife Usha Lad. I stayed for many kirtans, and fire ceremonies. These are treasured memories and the education I received was insurmountable.

My love of Ayurveda is layered with continued education as wel ass it’s sister sciences yoga and jyotish. 

My studies of ancient Vedic healing goes even further still with my background in Panchakarma,

Ayurveda Skincare, Crystal & Marma Therapy, Ayurveda Energy and Sound Healing.



I attended the Euro Institute in 2007. This was my first invitation to Ayurveda. It would begin a lifetime of curiosity and exploration into the science of life. From here on out I began to understand that everything was connected. I gratuadted immedietly opening my own wellness center Spa of The Earth. My joy and passion of skincare grew into the importance of mind-body-spirit wellness later leading me to host Vancouver’s Wellness Healing Fairs.

My experience her not only taught me the value of a successful business but also helped me with my own personal journey of well-being.


One of my most favorite education experiences in going to school at the Australasian College of Health and Science, now know as the American College of Healthcare Science. This was a magical experience in learning herbalogy, naturopathic nutrition, body skincare, homeopathy and so many more programs. It was my first love. Nuruting with mother nature is something I’ve been connected with since I was a young girl. 

I use this education daily in my personal life and in business. I am so greatful for my education here and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the science of nature.

I went to college for a degree in psychology in California and after a couple years I realized that it was not for me. However, all the education I did recieve has helped me in all areas of my life. I retained the education of psychology and implimented it at work as well as motherhood.

Nothing is ever a mistake. It’s all worth a piece of the puzzle. I continue to study psychology especial in comparason with ayurveda, astrology and my embodiment practice.


Diamond Consultant

Aside from my wellness spa and temple retreats I once upon a time was a diamond consultant. This career prepared me for crystal healing, believe it or not. I was very good at my job and I was obsessed with studying gems. This career allowed me the opportunity to travel.



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