It’s been my experience that many oracles show you what’s right in front of you to give clarity to your life, sometimes clarity isn’t obvious and can often leave the client scared to stay on their path.
Good counsel is going to support you in keeping the faith when life seems less than hopeful. You yourself will know when to alter your path. It has to be 100% your choice or you loose the essence of passion in the change and the movement will become slow because the inertia was not completely owned by you alone.

The way I channel and read your purpose is by looking at your whole life map and seeing the bigger picture. Life isn’t always pretty but all is intricate. All the pieces of your life mean something and often don’t make sense until late.
By nature we want to know the end of the story but in doing so we miss out on all the beauty and lessons within the journey.

Be where you are especially if it feels right and even if it doesn’t make complete sense. Listen to the subtle lessons within your heart.



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