The response we choose creates the life we want.

I had a dream that my booked chiropractor appointments got somehow pushed off the schedule so they had no availability for me for 3 weeks. A chiropractor I see weekly and now I would not see for most of the month!

The dream played out in 3 ways and it brought me back to something my yogi said to me on our pilgrimage in India as I was suffering watching others suffer “You just have to rise above it” I was so offended and distraught by this response but like a good student I did try to find where he was going however I was in the thick of it, emotionally. I would not understand this concept for months later, after my own healing of the experience.

Dream play-outs:

1. Confusion. I was seeing what was happening and I was not feeling important. “How could they let this happen and not try to fit me in SOMEWHERE?!” An over reactive display of anger arose. I wasn’t originally angry, no I worked my way to this with thoughts that fed into an idea or story that bled into me as if this was done to hurt me. FOR AN APPOINTMENT! I’m not going to dying . Everything will be okay.

Flipping this moment: Reflect and take some time to care more attentively for myself. Observe the wounds that have been touched from this experience. These are often old wounds, sensitive and easily irritated. Remember that the story is an illusion and a distraction to why I feel the way I do and why I’m acting out. What truly is going on for me is a reminder to heal old wounds. I am safe to address these. I love to go for walks to give clarity to the truth of a matter.

2. Hurt. I felt a wave of emotions, all more devastating than the next as if I was sliding down the rabbit hole; from taken advantage of, broken hearted, not appreciated or respected, to sadness. I had many emotions and yet I watched myself leave the office without reaction. I had clammed myself up as yo not react. I was paralyzed by my own feelings about the story behind how I felt and why I thought this happened to me. I felt deeply betrayed and not taken care of by those I trusted too do so. I felt walked all over and I cried because I left feeling that I wasn’t strong enough to stand up for myself or lacked some sort of boundaries.

Flipping this moment: Time to observe the layers of this for me. The assortment of emotions triggered a space of wounding from past pains as well. It’s time to give space for journaling and unraveling the hidden truths within. Art is a good outlet for the introvert in me.

3. Non-attached. “oh okay, see you in a few weeks.” A lighter, calm and welcoming way of reacting as everyone cares and is doing the best they can. We are all in this together.

All reaction had the same original play out. The only difference was me; how I reacted internally about it and externally but more importantly how I received it. A choice we all have.

FYI this did not happen. This was only a dream. Had it happened or if it were too I’d know now how to react or rather how not to react!