Sacred Offerings

for the goal of all work is spiritual wisdom ~ Bhagavad Gita

Women’s Empowerment
Life Purpose • Couples Enrichment • Sacred Space Clearing • Spiritual Evolution

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Sacred Offerings

“If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it,
then what you are undergoes a transformation.”

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Women’s Coaching

Sacred Goddess Empowerment

Develop a deeper sense of your own intuition and exploring your own sacredness with this one-on-one session. You’ll learn tools to incorporate into your own personal daily spiritual practice.

Sacred Goddess Empowerment is support and guidance on your spiritual quest. Be One with your dharma in ease. Be committed to your divine calling as you trust your intuition with these gentle practices. Your path is specific to you. Love your best life in peace, joy, and love. Let go of resistance, fear, insecurities, and other emotional demons holding you back. You are worthy to be You!

Couples Couching

Couples Enrichment

Private sessions include counceling by myself and my partner to offer a balance of energy and perspective.

The purpose of your relationship can be a magical union. Explore your relationship dharma and enhance your love for each other with skills that offer a fun way to grow closer with deeper compassion and understanding.


New Moon Date Night

This couples enrichment workshop is fun and inviting, even for those who may not normally go to something like this. It’s a sweet and gentle way of easing into a deeper more enriching and playful relationship. Through the vedic teachings of Vedanta and Tantra we bring you the ancient ways of healing couple dharma.

Sacred Space Clearing

An energy healing for your home! It’s all about clearing the space energetically. With a blend of sacred ancient practices from Vastu to Native American traditions.


Clearing the space requires opening the sooya with sacred sound. Allowing the nuclear energy of ether to create openness. It makes a room feel so free, clear, and clean.

Sacred Space Clearing

Griding and Clearing provides a beautiful blend of vibrational clearing with elemental energy healing through the universal language of geometry, and a bit of Vastu; an ancient Vedic practice of the environments.


A gentle Geometric form of communication with the elements of the environment to balance the energies. 

More Offerings…

Wellness Festival

AYURBELLA Presents Vancouver’s Spring Festival   March 9th, 10AM-4PM

A beautiful collaboration of local healers!

“I had the chance to visit this last Saturday. The spa is fantastic. The energy is perfectly set for calm, nurturing and healing. I have bone on bone on my knees. After Wiesje worked on me my knee was pain free. She is the real deal. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”


Property Manager

“She really sets an intention to support women on their journey and it is palpable. I felt comfortable being me. The experience was nurturing on many levels. Devi carries deep wisdom and deep compassion.”


Yogini Doula

“Great healing space with an abundance of knowledge and support. Vedic Astrology is amazing and accurate, ground, center, relax, energize, self reflect and find direction.”





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