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Sacred Goddess Empowerment

Empowering your divine calling for personal and spiritual growth
Your Sacred Session Awaits

If You Love Women’s Ceremonies You’ll Love Your Sacred Goddess Empowerment Session!

Are you in need of developing a deeper sense of your own intuition?

A ceremonial practice just for you you! The beauty of life is made up of our purpose, of the little things in life that make us shine from within. You are a gift to this world. Understanding your purpose allows you direction. Our life moves in so many directions it’s good to have a reference point to look to for guidance.

Wiesje Brion


Happy Goddess


“Thank you Wiesje for such an informative beautiful time. I learned so much. Thank you so much you have a beautiful soul and are so gifted and knowledgeable!! Much Love!!” ♥️💖 Jan


What To Expect

Receive nurturing and explore your own sacredness with this one-on-one sessions. You’ll learn tools to incorporate into your own personal practice and make your own way.

In these sessions you will learn to ask yourself the right questions. These sessions will help you develop your own intuition. Your purpose will become more clear with each session, as you learn new tools to advance your spiritual experience.


Bring your journal to note your exploration during your process in session. You are welcome to bring your own crystals and oracle cards to enhance your personal experience. 

*When scheduling please have your birth date, time and place available for your dharma confirmation.



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