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Clear away the old to make space for the new!

If you are in need of private or commercial property clearing please let me know. I do them often and always get great results. This is a wonderful service to have done before moving in or out of a home, and between ownership deals. This service is done when the home is clear of belongings. If you are looking for clearing in a home that is resided in there are stipulations that may complicate the union. Please contact me to discuss further.


1 Room Griding ~ $100 each

Empty Lot Griding ~ $199



1 & 2 Bed Room – 1 Floor home or apartment ~ $250

2 & 3 Bed Rooms – 2 Floors home or apartment ~ $350

3 & 5 Bed Rooms – 1 & 2 Floor home ~ $500

5+ Bed Rooms – 2 & 3 Floor home ~ $900

Attic/Basement ~ $450 (in addition to bed room/ floor fee, includes 1 room griding)



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