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Rejuvenate with a Spiritual infusions of Energy Healing

Signature Energy Healing


Loved my Healing session today. I feel so confident that Wiesje is the healer I’ve been looking for. The knowledge of the exercise I need to do and the different healing modalities she uses on me are amazing . The main thing though I feel like she loves what she does so I feel bathed in love when I leave. I’m so grateful.


Balance energy levels in your physical, spiritual, and emotional state with this ultimate healing experience. This practice has been profoundly important for moving old beliefs, and gently into your own true abilities. Each session helps to heal old wounds and push your personal evolution to who you are meant to be. Rest and enjoy a rejuvenating energetic healing session with the support of your guides, includes Intuitive healing, Reiki and Marma therapy which is firm but gentle pressure on specific points on the body with the tips of my fingers, tuning forks, and crystals, angelic support, prayer and mantra sounds may be offered during the session, usually silently but at your request can be offered out loud. In doing so a guided meditation may be supported by your guides which often includes many of the tools below. Your signature energy healing is always supported by planetary blessings and their guidance. Each session is customized for your needs at the time of the session. Some channeling from your guides may be offered but is not always available, sometimes you are to just to be in the receivance of the gift of healing. 

I had the chance to visit this last Saturday. The spa is fantastic. The energy is perfectly set for calm, nurturing and healing. I have bone on bone on my knees. After Wiesje worked on me my knee was pain free. She is the real deal  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!




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