Estate Energetics

Creating energetic space is important for our emotional state. When we energetically care for a location we allow for a space of resorative holding for all who enter. 

Serving The Portland Metro and Surrounding Areas. Including The Washington and Northern Oregon Coastline.

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 Clear away the old to make space for the new!


  • Is the energy in your space stagnate?

  • Do you feel tired the second you enter but don’t know why?

  • Do you feel a desire to want to be outside but a resistance to leave?


If you answered yes too any of the above then your space; be it private or commercial is in desperate need of energetic clearing!

I do this often and always get great results.

This is a wonderful service to have done before moving in or out of a space, and between ownership deals as well.

For best results this service is done when the space is clear of belongings but not required. This process is more than a smudging. Rather, a ceremonial peeling of layered energetics, and when spooks are present are gently counseled to the other side. Please contact me to discuss your desired outcome.

When Your Property Feels New And Refreshed

Wiesje used several techniques to not only help me personally release things that were no longer serving me, but she also tapped into the emotions of the house, explained what was going on and what I needed to move forward. Afterward the house felt lighter and so did I.

It was a very freeing experience! I highly recommend Wiesje to help you release old energy, bring in new abundant energy so you can live your best life moving forward!

Paula Nuspl

Interior Designer , Paula Nuspl Interiors

Business Space Clearing

Stores, Hotels and Apartments experience a lot of energies coming in and out. These need special attention frequently. For regular monthly servicing I offer discounts. Contact me for specifics.

What Is Property Energetic Clearing?

 The energetics of our environment is a living breathing acclimation of our lifestyle. It is a symbiotic relationship between ourselves and the land. In essence it is the subtle energies surrounding us that so often affect our own energy. Sometimes energy can be fragmented or stagnant and need a bit of adjusting just as we do from time to time.


Residual energies are all around us. The energy of another is imprinted when one dawns their presence in every location, including your own. These energies can eventually disipate but not always especially when we have a connection to ones essence. Sometimes you need the help of someone like me to clear away the remnants of unwanted energy.


As in nature she has a way of burning and wisking away to clear for new growth. Like the seasons they are ever changing. We need this more than we know for our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Making way for new growth supports our daily processing of our life and should be done cyclically.


More than visually beautiful are symbols but of universal communication through geometrics. Energies imprint as do words. A symbol of flowers and crystals also holding their own energies carry weight when asking for what we need. Griding is a form of imprinting the new energies that you wish to create in your sacred space.


Property Clearing


I offer my services for all size homes, apartments, condos, as well as grounds.

Land Grids


As I clear your property I also grid with crystals, holy water, blessings and vibration matra sounds. It is a layering effect of the elements.

Room Clearing


I service locations as large as vineyard estates and as small as single room spaces.

  • Rooms
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Patio
  • Garden
  • Tree House

Business Space Clearing

Stores, Hotels and Apartments experience a lot of energies coming in and out. These need special attention frequently. For regular monthly servicing I offer discounts. Contact me for specifics.

Land Blessings

Empty lots have history even if it doesnt look like it. The energetics from human and seasonal destruction, especially between builds need healing too. We often neglect the care of what the land needs. I offer special care for all sorts of land. Including haunted land.

“Thank you for clearing the negative energy out of these apartments. It makes a monumental difference in how well the work goes when we are turning the apartments. There are some units that everything you could imagine will go wrong. That makes up a lot of time. After you come through, things are brighter and all the tasks become much easier. So, thank you for that.”

Mark K.

Maintenance, Colonial East Apartments

It’s all about clearing the vibrational etherics.

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