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We are in a historical moment of evolution together.

Make It Count This Time




We encourage you to;

  • purchase from black owned business
  • sign petitions for justice
  • call authorities for justice


In an effort to bring more awareness to causes that support these changes we have collaberated with self-employed women who are donating to causes that support Black Live’s health, safety and equality, and any cause that is in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Classes & Causes

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Project Lemonade

This month of Augusts all proceeds go to Project Lemonade.

We love this project for raising up foster youth! Project Lemonade supports foster youth with resouces for school and everday life. What’s more is their encouragement to help kids acknowledge their importance, gifts and talents. 

Lloyd Center and the surounding location has a high density Black population and although we are not of the mindset that all black families are down and out, who doesn’t love helping childern! Supporting this cause helps children of all ethnicities however is central to black communities in Portland. There are several ways to support this cause, donate voluteer, shop and more. 

Embodiment of The Moon

Set Intentions

Gather in this sisterhood to remeber the wisdom of the moon cycles and the power of aligning with her energy!

This class will help support your own personal goals during her waxing phase. It is the most powerful time to ground into your goals and set your plan of action. A guided meditation will help you stay honest with your own true desires and ground them in for the coming weeks. Dig deep with what’s to come for you!

From Our Community

A few sweet words from our happy community

“For truly profound healing”
“A rare gem! …harkens to a time and place of another world, you are about to enter another realm. I can’t wait to try the different services that are offered! Healing and the best things in life await are here.”
Lisa Blodgett

Property Manager

“I love it! It’s a feeling of belonging to a sisterhood.”

Pam Edwards


“So much peacefulness, and warmth. People gather together and friendships grow.”

Ann Duncan

Stay at home mom

“A sacred sanctuary that truly takes you into another realm. It is as if magic (just like a Harry Potter portal) has opened up and you feel right at home, safe and cared for. The events that are happening there are spiritually inspiring & also so needed for community to uplift and harmonize body/mind/soul. Thank you Wiesje for being such an amazing host. I look forward to joining more offerings and sending over more friends your way! Blessings!”

Jasmin Solelil



Sex magic Ritual 

100% of the proceeds were donated to The Loveland Foundation.

Ani Ferlise is known as the priestess of passion providing spiritual self-love practices. Her mission is to remind you why life is worth living and help you live it with your whole heart. Learn more about what she’s offering now…

Creating Intentional Spaces


You need a safe, nurturing place to feel good in. Especially now that we are home a lot of the time! We often get so use to our spaces that we don’t see how it’s affect.
This meditation will allow you to settle in and see your home through your inner eye, giving you the clarity to create and improve your environment.
Participation fee is $15. Half of the proceeds will go to Outside In in Portland. *Sign-up to recieve give aways!


First of all thank you for being here and wanting to support in this very monumental way. We are asking you to support businesses that support important causes right now.
With the community awareness at it’s peak we want to encourage our community to explore providers that are intentional in their work and how we can support change in the world.

This gives you the opportunity to become more aware of some great causes that need our support. This is your chance to give to a cause that suppors a better world for all!


I Want To Support

Thank you! It is with your support that we can ban together and help where we can. Below you’ll find practitioners who are banning together offering you classes and the cause they wish to support.

I Want To Offer An Online Class In Support

Thank You! We are honored to be able to offer this platform in the name of making change happen. Email me for specific dates available.

Im Not Sure

We are supporting a brighter future for all. This is our way of offering a peaceful solution of protest. Read about upcoming events below to learn more about causes you may want to support.

We are in the process of gathering more recources so that you can be even more informed.

I Want To Participate As A Provider In This Community Movement for Positive Change

Thank you for wanting to support important causes for positive change.
With the community awareness at it’s peak we want to encourage providers to support a causes of your chiuce while giving our community an opportunity to exploring what you as a business has to offer. Choose a cause that is dear to your heart. Provide an online event with our community, a zoom link will be provided by us. Choose your fee for the event. We suggest setting up the fee for your class through event bright. We trust that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the cause chosen. 

Generating Movement That Can Support Us All

We are asking creators to share their offering while donating part of the proceeds to a cause of their choice.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Revolutionary Practitioners

Let’s Make Moves Together!

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