Charmed comes to mind when I think of the power of three. There’s a lot of truth in the tv series, not all of it but it defiantly nods to truths to the universe. The power of three is actually a universal law that states that when we claim something three times it will manifest itself faster and more powerfully.

When you repeat your desire thrice this proclamation will ignite a strong intention that will accelerate your request. This supports your manifesting by strengthening your intention with intense speed.

Subconsciously three creates an easy repetition that activates and reinforces a mind pattern so you begin to look for possibilities to fulfill your request. Our thoughts create vibration. We may not hear your thoughts but the universe can definitely feel it with no problem. Whatsmore is that you are sending messages to your DNA with every though. The more conscious we are with our thoughts the more we can control the outcome of our intentions.

Three is represented as a Gemini in the astrological zodiac which is ruled by Mercury; the messenger. Mercury and especially Gemini represents language. Not just spoken but also in pictures, singing, writing, and any kind of interaction including the arts. Hit can also represent siblings, environment of early childhood, neighbors and even short distance travel. It encompasses quite a lot of our daily life and can be a tremendous help in navigating our depression to the world and most importantly the inner communication we have with the universe.

Three is the number of communication and expression. Three of anything is an infusion of birth, creation, and can even muse the angelic source to bring about the intension behind the message. The number three inspires enthusiasm, initiation and is the universal number of truth.
But when used for the wrong reasons can invoke greed, anger, jealousy, an even violence.
When using anything involving three’s be sure to have a clear mind, a present heart and an emotional state that is free and clear of distraction, doubt, avoidance of the inner knowing, impulsivity, and wasted energy.

When working with the number three you need to be as honest and, free and clear as a baby’s innocence. It needs to come from a genuine place or it will trigger havoc.

When the universe sends you three signs, notice it. Ever notice how things happen in three’s? There is something you must pay attention to because three of anything is a hidden message from the otherside. Observe what comes in threes and what that something means to you, because the universe will try to speak to you in ways that only you will understand.

What three things are you noticing?