All around us we are bombarded with residual energies. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something about this?!

Well, it just so happens that I do this quite often for local and not so local locations.

Believe it or not everything is made up of vibrations. I just so happen to be able to read these vibrations just as people can read auras, which I do as well. It’s a very similar process. I can communicate with energy as a living presence. In doing so we can help each other. My process is to work as a mediator between the living and the aetheric. Energy sometimes needs a little help especially if it presence has been neglected. It too gets stuck and needs some guidance sometimes. Thats where I come in!

I provide a unique service where I asses the aetherics of a location and realign it with it natural state. Just as in our 3D world we can get cluttered if we don’t put things away. This is very similar to the aetheric spaces around us! Most of us can’t see it but many can feel the energy around us feel good or not so good. It can even make us feel sick. What I offer goes beyond clearing haunted or “negative” energy.
When an owner reaches out to me regarding an estate they own or manage is listen. I listen to what their experience has been, and what they would like the property to feel like. Moreover, we discuss the property as a living collaborative space to create. This can includes just about anything such as more wealth, abundance, and more clients, etc. I go through a detailed analysis of your desired outcome that goes beyond the physical.

Property holds powerful energy that can work to support more than its obvious intention. I converse with the energies of the space to meet its needs first, and to see where these other energies want to go. I will then negotiate with the land and structure for you in order to meet your needs and desired outcome. It is a collaborative process of clearing the old energies it no longer wants and imbuing the energies that it will then agree to hold for your manifestation purposes.
Energy is less about good and bad and more about usefulness. All energy has a place just as we need to move and do other things so does aetheric energy. Sometimes it gets stuck, just like us and needs a bit of help to reassess and realign. Once all the energy is organized the property can go about its way being beautiful and inspiring those who grace its presence.

The number one benefit to this experience it that the energy genuinely feels refreshed and renewed. Additional benefits have been known to include feelings of ease, of sacredness, inspiration, safety, and so much more. Yo really have to experience it to believe it. There really is nothing like it!