Our nourishing practice of self development is an eclectic sacredness. Play with us!

On your quest to be whole and aligned with your higher wisdom we must first ground-in to mother Earth and trust in her ever nurturing gaia-dance (guidance).

In doing so we must also face the darkness within with love and embrace the body that we are in and all that it is offering us. Allowing us to demonstrate the desire to do more than survive but to flourish, gain a level of trust in our own inner guidance of the mother, maiden, crone aspects of ourself; honoring the temple of our body, and the loved ones in our life while holding respectful boundaries that ourself as much as our loved ones.

Our sacred women’s gathering offers support and guidance on your spiritual quest; encouraging us to reach forward through the mist and into the light as we practice tools to elevate our awareness. Receive healing and learn tools to release insecurities and fear as we become one with our dharma in ease.



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