Beyond the triple Goddess there is a journey with a/or many of the Goddesses in your lifetime that will awaken something in you as a woman. It is in our archetypes that we find connection but what if you feel as though you do not relate to any of the Goddesses out there? What if you see yourself as the familiar!?

So often She is calling you in ways that may not be obvious to others but if you look into her stories the calling becomes clearer. Her calling to you is so uniquely yours to uncover and surrender too as she blesses you with secrets for your healing journey.
She calls to us by the moon, through the presence of nature all around us and yes, through each other, but especially in our dreams. She sees you, is what she is saying. She recognizes your hurt, angush, joy and all the pressure and surrender; she is there with you.

So often I receive distress from women wanting to connect to the Goddess pantheon but struggle to find a Goddess that they can relate too. In my experience, it is not what you can relate to but rather who is calling you to find her. Like a mystical whisper she peeks around the trees waiting for you to be ready, to notice her, to notice you within her.

She may not be seen by you so obviously. You can read about all the Goddess you want but it is with in your search that you will recognize glimpses into her world that only you can see. You will connect to the animals she is seen with, the flowers, and scents that she is known for. You may not see her in your life so vividly because you are her living embodiment.

There is a message that she sends to you. Journal with these messages and observe her in the mysticism of your life.

The more that we connect to our own calling the more we see that we are apart of this intricate universe and we get to choose the path of the Goddess of our own rite as she has many, and we are each uniquely meant to be here to live out a new path all our own.