Yes of course all lives matter. Yes of course not all cops are bad cops. Yes not all black peoples are innocent. But don’t these discriminative segregation concern you? We are not the judge or jury. we are by standers, and the level of our awareness needs some work. It’s too easy to just observe and walk away. We need to make a conscious decision to bare witness to a crime. It’s not someone else’s job. It’s ours as citizens. Not to engage but to be willing to be just a little bit nosey just enough to be aware that we are not all treated the same. we deserve to not fear cops. To stand for our integrity.

Maybe you’ve never seen a crime. You keep yourself safe from these circumstances. Not everyone gets this choice or privilege.

There is a lot going on. Praying doesn’t feel like enough. Speaking out feels a little better. Making calls and signing petitions feels even better. You don’t have to harm yourself for another. That is not what we as good human beings are asking. Just don’t look away and do nothing. This is what keeps this world the same. And don’t you want different, better?!

When the lack of your interest becomes a crime on humanity because we allowed something horrible to continue to happen because it’s not happening to us or those around us we isolate ourselves from reality of our fellow beings. I understand the concept of keeping a clean sacred space. But the world is burning and we are not getting our buckets out to help! How can that be right?!!

I understand you may have your own fears and discomforts. Maybe you don’t feel that you are brave enough to stand for another soul.

I can no longer stand for a society that keeps themselves safe and while the rest of the world is suffering. It’s too easy to live in our safe cozy homes and think only of ourselves. To not rattle social constructs.

As an energy healer we often work on the spiritual realm of issues. Not dirtying our hands of the material world’s mess. What we often forget is that they bleed over. And yet I ask myself, is that the reason to make waves; because it may eventually affect me in some way? Why is it not enough when we see someone struggling?! Why must we look away?! Has our own trauma caused us so much torture that our healing process cannot be disturbed by another?

I am in this space where I need to look in the mirror. I must admit that I have internally struggled for most of my life knowing that the world is a horrible mess and kept myself safe from harm, not knowing what to do for others. I do not want to be afraid to rattle the conforms of my own reality in sacrifice for a child somewhere out there begging pleading for help and for his/her horror to stop. I am no hero however I am wise enough to know that there are resources that I can connect with to do something, anything. It may not clear my conscious but it may save a soul. And that is part of our dharma.

Yes I need to care for myself first, and my loved ones. And I can also take a moment to be a good human. To look into the eyes of another’s pain, not to take it on but to be there for them in some way. You too have a unique gift all your own to heal those around you that only you can offer. Share it. Be willing to pull a few weeds for the beautiful of our garden.

Yes, black lives matter. Because our fellow black Americans are asking for help and I can no longer see another or hear about another fallen as a result of an old yet still very alive belief of fear in them. I must in good conscience do everything in my power to be the good human my heart is asking me to show up to be.



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